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Hair up? Hair down?

FutureMrsBooth, on June 17, 2015 at 3:50 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 17
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What is your hair plan? I plan on wearing a veil, so my hair will be half up...and plan to leave it down for the reception...What are your hair plans? Im struggling with half up styles...show me some inspiration pics! Thanks in advance for your help!


  • Taylor
    Expert May 2016
    Taylor ·

    Ideally I would have my hair down, but since I am having a beach wedding in May I am doing hair up.

  • Amanda Blue
    September 2019
    Amanda Blue ·

    I think hair down would look a lot better with a veil.

  • FutureMrsBooth
    Expert February 2016
    FutureMrsBooth ·

    Amanda, I'm wearing a cathedral veil so Im having a hard time thinking how the veil will be pinned to my hair...and then how my hair will look once the veil comes off...

  • Chloe
    Devoted May 2015
    Chloe ·

    I wore my hair down with a headband. No veil.

  • Kat88
    Dedicated September 2015
    Kat88 ·

    Well I am doing my hair up for the wedding but I included a few pics inspiration pics below.

  • Corinne_
    Master September 2016
    Corinne_ ·

    As you can see by my profile pic, my hair is really short (it's an undercut, so it's even shorter most places). I'm planning on having a fascinator, something like that (sorry, couldn't find a better picture)

  • FinallyMrsT
    Master October 2015
    FinallyMrsT ·

    I just had my hair trial on Sunday! I'm all about half-up as well, and will be adding a veil just under the comb (for the ceremony, only). I like how this turned out, but I'm still not sure...I may want a slightly more modern look. And the inspiration pic for this that I gave my stylist was the 2nd one that Kat88 just posted....If I keep this hairdo, I'll add a second braid like that picture has.

  • annakay511
    Master July 2015
    annakay511 ·

    I'm wearing my hair up in a bun!

  • Mrs. Hunnibear
    Master October 2015
    Mrs. Hunnibear ·

    I'm having my hair up. I was thinking about having it half up because I have a veil too but I don't want to get too hot.

    Here's my inspiration

  • Married MyTrue Love©
    Master May 2012
    Married MyTrue Love© ·

    L I wore my hair half up half down. Here are some pics.

  • FutureMrsBooth
    Expert February 2016
    FutureMrsBooth ·

    FutureMrsT I have the same dilemma...I want my gair free and flowy for the reception but styled for the veil...I wanted to do an updo, but my face is pretty round and my dress is strapless so I wanted my hair to kind of balance things out.

    corinne...love your inspiration pic!

  • FutureMrsBooth
    Expert February 2016
    FutureMrsBooth ·

    @marriedmytruelove...wow!!! Love your pics! Thank you!

  • Caylin C.
    Master August 2015
    Caylin C. ·

    My hair will be sideswept and down. Kind of similar to this.

  • TheFormerFMDF
    Master February 2016
    TheFormerFMDF ·

    Definitely up, but haven't decided how yet. The area where we're getting married is known for getting pretty windy.

  • Karebear
    Super June 2015
    Karebear ·

    Some half-up hairdo styles:

  • FutureMrsBooth
    Expert February 2016
    FutureMrsBooth ·

    I think im going to need extensions

    My hair is just a couple of inches past my shoulders...Love the third pic @karebear

  • Married MyTrue Love©
    Master May 2012
    Married MyTrue Love© ·

    @Future Mrs. Booth. Thank you. Oh, and FYI, I wore a Cathedral length veil too.

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