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Hair and makeup for wedding

Jenay, on January 30, 2019 at 3:11 PM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 6
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How did everyone do their hair and makeup for their wedding? Did you hire someone or did you have someone in your family like your mom/sister/aunt/cousin do it.
Also show some pictures if you would like❤


  • A
    Expert April 2019
    Ashley ·
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    I hired my hair lady for my hair as well as the three girls. And our best mans step mom does make up professionally and is giving us a discount
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  • Mrs. S
    Master November 2019
    Mrs. S ·
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    I am going to hire someone. I had someone do my hair for my engagement photos and it was so worth it.
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  • Dee
    Dedicated June 2019
    Dee ·
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    Im hiring someone to do my hair and makeup

    I typically don't trust anyone to do my makeup , just because I feel like with my features there is a specific way to do things...I thought about doing my own makeup but then realized I wont probably wont be sober enough to do my own makeup. thank god I found someone who has a similar makeup application style as mine!

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  • Mary
    Dedicated October 2019
    Mary ·
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    I am doing my own makeup because I’m super picky with my makeup. However, I am hiring someone to do my hair because I am not good at hair and need some direction on that lol
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  • Nursa
    Just Said Yes April 2019
    Nursa ·
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    Am going to hire someone do my makeup but I don't yet find one.
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  • ap2al
    VIP October 2018
    ap2al ·
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    I hired a hair and makeup artist (Beautiful Dream Team) and her team to come down and get 7 women looking (even more) amazing! It was a great bonding experience and helped everyone relax and have fun!

    Jacqueline was amazing!Hair and makeup for wedding 1I loved being pamperedHair and makeup for wedding 2She had four other girls helping her with the bridesmaidsHair and makeup for wedding 3Finishing touchesHair and makeup for wedding 4Our photographer's idea Smiley smile Hair and makeup for wedding 5

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