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Grooms Cake

Chandra, on December 6, 2018 at 2:30 PM Posted in Wedding Reception
Do people still do grooms cakes?
If yes, was it a surprise to FH?
What did it look like?


  • Rachel
    Super July 2019
    Rachel ·
    This must be a regional thing I’m guessing right? I’ve never heard of a grooms cake!
  • Kelly
    Master October 2018
    Kelly ·
    Most of my friends have done a grooms cake. We didn’t do a wedding cake of any sort at our wedding.
  • 5/18/19Mrs.h
    Dedicated May 2019
    5/18/19Mrs.h ·
    We’re not having a cake at our reception so I was thinking about doing a small grooms cake for the rehearsal dinner and surprising him with it
  • earias
    Champion December 2017
    earias ·
    Yes, people do still do them though it is more of a regional thing. I grew up in the South where they are common but now live in California where most people have never heard of them. But being on WW for over a year now, I've seen lots of BAMs with them. As for the surprise factor, I think that is personal preference. And as for what they look like, I've seen very creative, fun cakes to more basic chocolate cakes.
  • 2d Bride
    Master October 2009
    2d Bride ·

    They do, although I'm not a fan. Having a groom's cake rather implies that the regular wedding cake (and by extension, the rest of the wedding) is just the bride's. Why not have the regular wedding cake reflect both of you, rather than having a separate groom's cake?

  • Across The Stars
    Devoted October 2019
    Across The Stars ·
    We are! I agree with the regional part because almost everyone I know has done one. We'll have ours at the rehearsal so that it won't get overlooked in the chaos. As for style, FH requested that I surprise him. Don't know exactly what I'll do yet, but definitely something fun that reflects our interests, and very different from the formal looking wedding cake
  • Nora
    Expert July 2019
    Nora ·
    I never heard about it until I came on here haha Definitely regional. My good girlfriend is having one at her wedding next year!
  • Jen
    VIP July 2018
    Jen ·

    I think it's regional - I live in the midwest and have never attended a wedding with one. That being said, it sounded fun so I bought all the supplies to make my husband a MN Wild hockey puck for his groom's cake. However, I ran out of time in the couple of days before! So all the supplies still sit here 4 months later. If the black fondant is still good I may make it the week between Christmas and New Year's just for fun!

  • Chandra
    Master May 2019
    Chandra ·
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    Hmm I'm from the midwest and have had a couple friends talk about their grooms cakes!
  • Alyssa
    Master December 2019
    Alyssa ·
    I think it’s fun if it’s in your budget

    especially considering you said no cake day of

    it let’s you still do cake cutting and have yummy cake with family and wedding party

    all postives
  • Alyssa
    Master December 2019
    Alyssa ·
    I like ones like these

    i nust thought of doing Steelers after reading this lol

    time to email my baker lol

    Grooms Cake 1

    Grooms Cake 2

    Grooms Cake 3
  • Chandra
    Master May 2019
    Chandra ·
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    Oh were definitely having a cake!! I was just curious about people's thoughts on grooms cakes.
  • Alyssa
    Master December 2019
    Alyssa ·
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    must have misread

    sorry lol

    do you have an idea of design?
  • Chandra
    Master May 2019
    Chandra ·
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    No worries! I thought about maybe doing a Warhammer cake for him. I'm not sure if it's in the budget though.
  • A
    Dedicated September 2019
    Ashlea ·
    I am doing a cookie cake for my FH because he hates regular cake but loves cookie cake. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t. He’s obsessed with the Kansas City Chiefs so I’ll probbly have an arrowhead put on it. It will be a surprise. He loves to surprise me so it will be fun for me to surprise him this time!
  • OnCloudRawls
    Rockstar June 2019
    OnCloudRawls ·

    I ask my FH if he wanted a groom's cake and he said no since we're having a wedding cake and a dessert bar at the wedding. To answer your question, I have seen groom's cakes that basically reflect what the groom likes or has interests in. It can be a particular superhero, if they like comics, or a character on a video game, etc.

  • Peggy
    Master November 2019
    Peggy ·
    My fiancé really wants one. All chocolate. I was thinking something like this since he loves Reeses and Oreos but I’m not sure which one I’ll pick

    Grooms Cake 4

    Grooms Cake 5
  • Chandra
    Master May 2019
    Chandra ·
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    Oooh those look yummy
  • Laura
    WeddingWire Administrator June 2010
    Laura ·

    We had one! Ours wasn't a surprise. He chose it. He loves the movie Steel Magnolias.

    Grooms Cake 6

  • Colleen
    Master September 2019
    Colleen ·
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    Did it bleed when you cut it? That movie makes me happy on how far we have advanced in medicine. My niece has diabetes.

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