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Greece, Dubai or DR

Lulu, on May 3, 2017 at 11:29 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 24
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So my fiance and I are planning to go to one of these countries for our honeymoon. Has anyone been to any of these places? If so any tips or suggestions on what to do there? Best resorts or vacation packages. My FH and I have been to Melia in Punta Cana and loved it so much. He wants to go back and I do too, but I kind of want to try something new. Please help!


  • Katelina1
    VIP June 2017
    Katelina1 ·

    Greece is amazing... I lived there for a while and just loved it. That's my vote!!!

  • L
    Devoted November 2017
    Lulu ·

    Thanks Katelina1

  • Svetlana
    VIP October 2018
    Svetlana ·

    Dubai, while beautiful, I might be leery of at this point.

  • MrsMitch
    Master August 2017
    MrsMitch ·

    Well you can go to the DR anytime. Maybe not anytime but it doesn't even compare to Greece or Dubai so I'd scratch it. Greece would be my recommendation

  • Jennifer
    Devoted August 2017
    Jennifer ·

    FH and I are going to Punta Cana! Edit: FH is also dominican so we are also going to see family.

  • K Dot
    Super June 2017
    K Dot ·

    Out of those 3, I've only been to Greece. I've only been to 7 countries, but I would have to say it's the most beautiful of the countries I've visited.

  • Heather
    Super June 2018
    Heather ·

    I have not been to Dubai, however it is a very cosmopolitan, modern city. I wouldn't avoid it due to the political climate. That being said, I love DR so freaking much. Samana is one of my favorite places on earth and I would choose that

  • Amandaw
    VIP April 2018
    Amandaw ·

    I want to go to greece so that is where i would vote for you to go and i want to see lots of pics

  • Z_Runner
    VIP June 2017
    Z_Runner ·

    Greece is amazing and the food is great

  • Soon2Be2017
    Super November 2017
    Soon2Be2017 ·

    I have a friend that lives in Greece now and she loves it! I can't wait to go one day!

  • L
    Devoted November 2017
    Lulu ·

    Greece it is guys!! And now the search begins.

  • Wendy  Montebello
    September 2019
    Wendy Montebello ·

    Dubai would be my suggest. Just had a client go there on a cruise, It went to Oman as well. It's very safe and a beautiful city. My client said their is no where in the US as nice as Dubai.

  • MrsSki
    Master April 2017
    MrsSki ·

    I highly recommend working with Kivotos of Aegean if you're going to Greece. They've helped us plan our entire trip from the time we land in Athens to the day we leave, including airport transfers, hotels, ferries or flights between islands, excursions, dinner reservations/recommendations... They even helped us pick what islands based on what we want to do! We're going to Crete for archeological sites and to hike the Samaria Gorge, then to Santorini for a few days of beaches and sunset sailing trips. We even have a room in Santorini with a private pool and a perfect view of the Oia sunset! We're going in three weeks and couldn't be more excited!!

  • Future Mrs.Hendriksen
    Expert September 2017
    Future Mrs.Hendriksen ·


  • Victoria
    VIP February 2018
    Victoria ·

    Check the weather! FH and I planned on Greece forever until I realized how cold it'd be and that when it's winter there they shut down a lot of islands and restaurants and things of that nature! We actually ended up picking Dubai, but hoping to make it to Greece next summer

  • ambrok
    Master October 2017
    ambrok ·

    IDK much about Dubia.

    If I hadn't already been to Greece...that would be my 1st choice! I just feel that it'll be easier to get to DR another day.

  • kmd0506
    Dedicated June 2017
    kmd0506 ·

    What do you like to do/want to experience on your honeymoon. All 3 places sound great, but are VERY different in what you are going to get in terms of activities. My FH lives in Dubai, and I live in a nearby country so I am there about once a month. I love it there, but it is very different than what you are going to find in Greece or DR.

    I would recommend picking the location that is the best fit for what you like/want to do on your honeymoon.

  • Katelina1
    VIP June 2017
    Katelina1 ·

    Greece will still be warm in November :-) not sure what you are looking to do there, but I found an amazing all-inclusive resort in northern Greece when I was searching called Ikos Oceana. Looked absolutely amazing! Also, if you decide to do more of a sightseeing trip, do yourself a favor and include Thessaloniki and Halkidiki in northern Greece. It's a hidden gem and so worth spending time there!

  • JPCD
    VIP May 2018
    JPCD ·

    I definitely agree that you can do DR whenever. It's so close. And much cheaper compared to the other two.

    Because it's your honeymoon I'd personally do Greece (because I was considering it as well). It has the history and beach combination I like. Plus the food is amazing.

  • annakay511
    Master July 2015
    annakay511 ·

    The DR is not even in the same ballpark as the other two options. I think it depends on how much you want to spend! A trip to Greece or Dubai will be much more than a trip to the DR.

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