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Ft. Lauderdale Bachelorette Party Vs. Austin Texas

Beth, on February 11, 2017 at 6:10 PM Posted in Planning 0 10
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I am considering having my bachelorette party at a few different locations. Ft. Lauderdale and Austin Texas are two of them. Any thoughts? It will be at the end of April. Any suggestions of places and activities to do would be nice to? Or any thoughts against are welcome too! Thanks!


  • Kathleen
    VIP September 2017
    Kathleen ·

    I've never been to Austin, but was to Ft. Lauderdale last summer. I LOVED it. There was definitely plenty to do and you can take the water taxi to various areas that have bars/restaurants/etc

  • Jillian
    Master June 2019
    Jillian ·

    You're planning your own Bachelorette?

  • B
    Just Said Yes May 2017
    Beth ·

    They want me to pick the location. They have gave me some suggestions and I'm down to those two, and can't decide!

  • TimeLadyErika
    Master May 2017
    TimeLadyErika ·

    You could just have it where you live? I don't get these extravagant bachelorette parties.

  • Lauryn
    Super October 2017
    Lauryn ·

    My SIL did hers in Ft Lauder and we had a blast! We did a booze cruise one day, then beach and shopping and finally "La Bare" male strip club (which was actually almost EXACTLY like the movie Magic Mike...more an entertaining show with different acts than strippers just dancing for money lol). Highly recommended the area is great. I also live in FL so I'm a little biased.

  • B
    Just Said Yes May 2017
    Beth ·

    Lauryn thanks so much!

  • Lauryn
    Super October 2017
    Lauryn ·

    You're welcome!

  • K
    Savvy October 2017
    Kylid ·

    Austin, TX is a lot of fun!! Definitely recommend 6th street!

  • Tina
    Expert May 2017
    Tina ·

    6th Street in Austin is a BLAST! Plus Austin is just a fun place to go to.

  • Mrswelch
    Master December 2017
    Mrswelch ·

    I've recently moved to Davie, FL which is in the Ft. Lauderdale area and it's pretty cool! There's always something to do during the weekend! The one thing I do hate about it is the traffic lol, but I'm not used to these bigger areas. It's also too hot for me to enjoy anything outdoors during the summer except the beach but that's just me personally.

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