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? for Hawaii Residents and/or Honeymooners

Piecesofadream, on June 13, 2014 at 3:01 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 10
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We leave for a Hawaii in a few days. We have everything planned out except our restaurants of choice. And we LOVE food! I can't believe we've slacked on this part of the planning.

Any suggestions or must go to places?

We'll be on Maui, Big Island and Kauai. And we will have a rental car, so far out places will be considered


  • K
    Savvy January 2015
    Kevin ·

    Of those three, I've only been to Kauai, so here are the places I remember most from our visit there:

    We were staying in Poipu on the south tip of the island, so we had most of our meals there. I can't recommend enough Puka Dogs for a simple, tasty, perfect-for-after-the-beach meal. These are NOT ordinary hot dogs! It is in the Poipu Shopping village across from the Sheraton Kauai Resort.

    Also in this shopping plaza is Keoki's Paradise - a somewhat fancier restaurant. The interior is perfectly decorated in almost-kitchy over the top Hawaiian, and is a lot of fun. Also where I had the absolute best fish I have EVER had (crusted monchong).

    We also drove around the island some and have some good meals other places, though I don't remember them as vividly as those two.

    I would recommend the 'Ultimate Kauai Guidebook' - we used it extensively on our trip and is full of all kinds of great info. They also have guides for the other islands, and I bet they would be just as valuable.

  • Happy In Hawaii
    Master July 2015
    Happy In Hawaii ·

    I live on Oahu...so I have great places for here but I don't know many places on the other islands. I usually like to go to Ken's House of Pancakes in Hilo on the Big Island though for breakfast. It's a sort of diner type place and they have amazing portion sizes and it's got a real local feel to it. I suggest finding a shave ice place too. I think Duke's is on Maui too (there's one here on Oahu) so that would be a good place, pretty touristy. I think when I was on Maui we went to Merriman's (they're on the Big Island and Kauai too) and that is a pretty fancy place and it was excellent. Also if you like beer you can check out the Maui Brewing Co or the Kona Brewing Co (they'll carry a lot of these beers at restaurants and in grocery stores if you don't have time to visit the brewery). We also went to the Hyatt brunch buffet on Maui and it was so pretty around there and there was a lot of food. Hope that helps a little! After you go to Kauai let me know where you went cuz I'll be there in a month! Happy honeymooning!

  • SandM
    VIP August 2014
    SandM ·

    Maui: Hawaiian Vanilla company does a tour and fabulous lunch, Merrimans for dinner (get the chocolate purse for dessert, wow!), the view is incredible! Mama's Fish House I heard was good but we weren't able to go, we liked Monkeypod for their HH when we went back in January, I've also heard Roy's is good, Morimotos is also supposed to be fabulous

    Big Island: Definitely go to Merrimans on this island, it's the original! The Mobeetjo is my favorite cocktail there, Don the Beachcomber has the BEST HH and it's right on the water! Kona Brewing Company has really good beer, Island Lava Java has amazing Macadamia Nut panckes for breakfast (they also do lunch and dinner but we've never tried it), if you want to eat Poke then go to Da Poke Shack (it looks like a hole in the wall but it's got the best poke made fresh every day), we haven't been yet but Sam Choy's is supposed to be good as well, you can't go wrong with any of the restaurants at the higher end hotels either (Manta at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, CanoeHouse at Mauna Lani Bay, etc.), Cafe Pesto went through an overhaul after we left but it was pretty good so check recent reviews before you go, The Coffee Shack is also pretty amazing for breakfast, they get busy though so get there early, Tex Drive In in Honokaa is also pretty awesome (get the malasadas).

    That's all I can remember for now. Have fun!!

    Edit to say that I am a total foodie as well

  • Allyson
    Master May 2014
    Allyson ·

    We just got back from Hawaii a week ago. On Maui, I recommend Ferraros at the Four Seasons. Make a 6pm reservation and watch the sunset while you eat outstanding food. In Kauai, we stayed in Poipu. The Beach House was a great fancier restaurant on the water. We also loved Tortilla Republic for Mexican and La Spezia, an Italian wine bar. Enjoy!

  • KristnH
    Master November 2013
    KristnH ·

    We went to Kauai for or honeymoon & I would have to second the suggestion for Puka Dog as well as Keokis. At Keokis they have a piña colada in a hollowed out pineapple that's awesome, & the mint hula pie is soooo yummy!

    If you need a quick meal try Bubba's Burgers (it's like the only place open after 6pm). And Ono Shave Ice is THE BEST on the island - its in a little red shack that is fairly easy to miss.

    Other than that, just eat as much pineapple as you can, because it's not nearly as good here 'on he mainland.' Have fun!!

  • Chrissy
    Expert June 2014
    Chrissy ·

    Second the Beach House on Kauai. When you make reservations ask for a table at sunset with a view of the water. Also, for the best shave ice go to Jojo's. It's in Waimea (I think or at least that direction.) they close at random times though, so go earlier. Also, there's a black sand beach behind it.

    I've been to both Oahu and Kauai twice, and Kauai is a truly magical place. If you're looking for activities, do a helicopter tour. You won't be disappointed.

  • Piecesofadream
    Master June 2014
    Piecesofadream ·

    Thank you so much ladies. I took down all your reccomendations. Can't wait!

    @happyinhawaii - I'll be sure to let you know how it is!

  • PunkRockPrincess
    Super September 2015
    PunkRockPrincess ·

    Mamas Fish House on Maui. Please go. We are honeymooning there so we can eat there again! Haha

    Also....Kimo...its beautiful and casual with great poke. Mmm...


  • Allison
    Super May 2014
    Allison ·

    We just got back feom a week on the big island....stayed at Hilton south of Kona (wakalei village). Behind the Marriott is a place called Lava Lava Beach Club that had unbelievable food and views.

    If you are on big island and drive around Hilo take 19 and be sure to drive the scenic route when option is available. The views near the Hawaii Botantical Gardens are amazing!!!!

  • Melissa
    Dedicated August 2014
    Melissa ·

    We are going to Maui for our honeymoon so I will be writing down some of these places people are mentioning.

    A few people from my work just got back from Maui and raved on and on about Star Noodle said they went several times while there.

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