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FMC, on May 10, 2012 at 12:24 PM Posted in Planning 0 46
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So we are now 23 days away from the wedding. My FMIL will be arriving in 21 days. She has yet to purchase a dress. She wants to get one made. She has plenty of time according to her. This is what she just texted me with the this too bright? The yellow one is the one she wants.

What do you think WW?


  • Labake
    Master June 2012
    Labake ·

    FMC I can't believe her. My eyes hurt, literally.

  • Andrea  Ank.
    VIP April 2012
    Andrea Ank. ·

    First, 23 days and she thinks she can have one made????

    second, that is a really bright color! WOW

  • Emmy Nae
    VIP October 2013
    Emmy Nae ·

    Thats really bright, maybe itd work for like a 19 Year old SIL but not a MIL thats weird.

  • soon
    Expert May 2012
    soon ·

    WOW!!! Tell her that's not the yellow you had in mind. That's a neon yellow!

  • Stephanie ♥
    VIP September 2012
    Stephanie ♥ ·

    That's really kind of bright :/. I'm nervous for what my FMIL is going to pick out for herself too! But anyway, a pale yellow could work, I think.

  • FMC
    Master June 2012
    FMC ·

    @labake, I know..really can't believe her....

    @andrea, yes, she says her lady can do one in two to three days..So I'm sure it will be high quality work.

    @emily...I wouldn't even want a SIL to wear that..

    @soon2, exactly!!! If you have to ask me if it's too, yeah it may be.

  • FMC
    Master June 2012
    FMC ·

    @ stephanie, yes a pale yellow is what I originally thought she was going with...until this picture. At this point I don't care, she just won't be in a lot of the pictures if she glows in the dark.

  • Emmy Nae
    VIP October 2013
    Emmy Nae ·

    @ FMC lol its so bright. IDK what else to say.

  • Stephanie
    Devoted March 2013
    Stephanie ·

    Too bright, she's trying to steal the show! You make me want to add "no neon colors" to my dress code....

  • Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
    Master October 2012
    Marie S. (aka Princess Leia) ·

    FMC have you turned into a troll? Is this post real? LMAO

    Didn't you go round n round w/ your mom over her dress too? LMAO You poor thing

  • Allison
    Super September 2012
    Allison ·

    Ha I guess we all have our own FMIL issues, mine wanted to buy a dress that cost 3 times what mine did... hello I am the bride!!

  • FMC
    Master June 2012
    FMC ·

    Yes Marie, I'm a troll. You figured me out. I also have multiple personalities on here, see if you can figure that one out.

    Yes, my mother wanted to wear the least amount of clothes as possible. FH's mom obviously wants to glow in the dark.

  • Blair
    VIP September 2012
    Blair · just no.

    :-) good luck to you. my wedding isnt until the end of september and I was stressed about FMIL's lack of dress, but 20 days out? ugh.

    good luck!

  • Carrie
    Master December 2011
    Carrie ·

    Well that certainly is bright. Yeah neon is back but the wedding isn't a time to show off your favorite 80's trends LOL.

  • Andrene
    Master October 2011
    Andrene ·

    Really??? Has she lost her mind??? I feel your pain. I have one just like that. Thought she was the bride and wanted to be center stage on my big day.

  • FMC
    Master June 2012
    FMC ·

    She has definitely lost it. I have told her three different times that she didn't have to match the colors (red and yellow)....I have also suggested complimentary colors like champagne, etc. She is a strange one.

  • M.S.P.D
    Master August 2012
    M.S.P.D ·

    Ouch. I'm blind!

    Are you sure she wasn't joking?

  • Ris Future Mrs. Logan
    Super May 2014
    Ris Future Mrs. Logan ·

    I hope she has major sewing skills... Or can bribe someone to make her one in less then a week. And that is a veeery bright yellow. If she has sewing skills and the patience to purchase the pattern, fabric, sewing notions, and can make it in that amount of time? More power to her.

    Now I'm happy that my mother agreed to not dress up and won't wear a skirt. Which is fine with me... Not sure about my FMIL but she looks nice in a dress.

  • Mrs. B for real :)
    VIP September 2012
    Mrs. B for real :) ·

    Oh FMC I feel your pain!!

    Picture a voluptuous FMIL with a boooooty telling me she wants a "Pippa dress" for the wedding...I can't even pull off a Pippa dress...not mention she is in her upper 60s' no 20s'....

    Is your FMIL receptive if you send her images of what is the color palette you were hoping for...including the yellow she wants eventhough you dont necessarily want it...??


  • Happily engaged
    Super September 2012
    Happily engaged ·

    FMC - I would just let her ear that color so she can look like an idiot. Serves her right.

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