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Fitting Frustration

Anne, on September 29, 2017 at 10:28 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 8
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This is mostly just to vent, but I appreciate all listening ears and any words of encouragement (or discouraging words! Haha)

I am going through the same bridal boutique for my fittings that I bought my dress.

When I bought my dress, I was in love with them. My dress was a very new line, and they were the closest shop to my house (1 hour away) that carried the dress at the time. She stayed open on Black Friday last year for me to try it on, and the sample fit me so I bought it on the spot. It's a family owned business and the woman and her 70 year old mother were kind and flattering and charming.

I scheduled my first fitting for the last week of August (had booked 2 months before) and she texted me morning of saying she would have to reschedule. She was getting divorced, sellng her house, everything happened all at once. I expressed my disappointment because I had specifically requested off that day from work. I don't work a 9-5, so I took a day off to go to the appointment (cont)


  • Anne
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    Anne ·
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    She ended up just bumping my appointment a few hours so I went that day, got fitted and pinned and left my dress there.

    I was supposed to go back this afternoon to try it on again after alterations, and AGAIN she just texted me this morning that they're been working crazy hours, they're a little behind so can we reschedule for Monday or next weekend.

    Again, I had requested off today! I have planned all my wedding appointments over a month in advance and made sure I had the days off from work. It's frustrating that I am able to honor the appointment and they are not.

    I know at the end of the day I will get my dress and it will fit and the wedding will happened. It's just frustrating and disappointing. Am I overreacting?

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  • Ohheyitscait
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    Ohheyitscait ·
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    Meh, I would be annoyed too. It's super unprofessional of her.

    But life happens. It's up to you whether you want to be upset about it.

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  • Dextor3000
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    Dextor3000 ·
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    You are not overreacting. That would annoy me too. There are some emergencies that are truly unavoidable, but these excuses just sound like poor planning and time management on their part.

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  • Meagen
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    Meagen ·
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    I'd explain again that you requested off work for this and that she needs to honor the appointment.

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  • Trevor
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    Trevor ·
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    I would be pretty frustrated too!

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  • JoRocka
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    JoRocka ·
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    No- if I have to take off a day of work to go do something and then the other person reschedules- I get mad.

    I would have made it implicitly clear that I took time off work to be there and if they needed to reschedule it would need to be on YOUR time (YOUR actual day off) whenever that was.

    She should work with you if she is constantly rescheduling. I wouldn't take another day off. And make sure you confirm the day before in writing that you are still on for the appointment- that way if she cancels you can get your work day back.

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  • Mrs Robes
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    Mrs Robes ·
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    I would ask her if she really can't commit to your schedule appointment to then accommodate a day and time you can make, without requesting more time off. Not sure of your days off, but I would at least bring it up to her. It's super unprofessional of her, it's the least she could do to make it up to you- even if it doesn't fit with her normal schedule.

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  • FutureMrsW
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    FutureMrsW ·
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    That's definitely extremely frustrating, I don't blame you one bit. Once - meh, it happens. Twice - due to poor time management? Hell no. And it's very unprofessional of her to not only text you to reschedule, but to text you DAY OF to reschedule. Had it at least been the day before, you could've gotten your PTO back.

    I would definitely demand the next appointment be on your time. For two rescheduled appointments in a row, especially when she knows you have off work days, she should be accommodating you.

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