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First look or traditional down the aisle

Alisa, on January 12, 2019 at 1:38 PM Posted in Planning
Should we do the traditional look down the aisle or a first look? So I'm trying to convince my FH that we should probably do a first look (mainly to save time and not to be rushing after the ceremony). I need everyone's input and please give me some pros and cons of both.


  • Peggy
    Rockstar November 2019
    Peggy Online ·

    I wanted to do a first look just for logistics but my fiance really wanted that moment. If it's important to him, it's important to me. And my photographer said there was plenty of time for photos during the cocktail hour.

  • Chandra
    Rockstar May 2019
    Chandra Online ·
    Were doing a first look. I still want to have a small photo session during cocktail hour at a park between the venues if we can. I'm trying to take full advantage of having a photographer lol
  • Deborah
    Savvy May 2020
    Deborah ·
    From a Jewish perspective, we are doing a first look because otherwise the first time we’ll be seeing each other would be the signing of the ketubah, the wedding contract, and it wouldn’t be as romantic.
  • Martelle
    Dedicated July 2019
    Martelle ·

    Ahhh this is the same as me! I thought that a first look photo session would help save so much time so we can get to the reception venue and party....but my FH wants to do a traditional down the aisle first look. He hasn't spoken his opinion on TOO much, so I definitely love the fact that he spoke up on this and we will be doing the traditional first look. The only man who will see me before the walk down the aisle is my father and I am very excited to shoot those "first look" photos too.

    The Pro's are definitely the time saving. It will also be nice that everyone gets to see the grooms face the first time he lays eyes on you too.

    The Cons- As soon as I see my FH down the aisle, I will probably ball my eyes out. I've never seen him get so dressed up in a tux and I ugly I gotta work on this.

  • Shay
    Devoted February 2020
    Shay ·
    Nope not a first look but a first touch yes! Our pictures will be just as pretty... Happy Planning 🍷
  • C
    Master November 2019
    Caytlyn ·

    If it's important to your FH, I wouldn't push it, especially if it's just for time management. Reconfigure your timeline so that you do bridal party photos before the ceremony and any photos with you and your FH together during cocktail hour.

  • Veronica
    Dedicated May 2020
    Veronica ·
    Doing a first look with my dad instead since he’s one the most important men in my life as well and then doing traditional walk down the isle my FH wants to wait to see walk down the isle and we both want those raw emotions
  • J
    Savvy July 2018
    Jennifer ·

    We did a first look. It was nice to have that moment to ourselves (well, and the photographer) before everything got going. Honestly, I barely remember walking down the aisle and the whole ceremony and reception went by so fast, like a big blur. I really appreciate having the first look moment for just us.

  • Mrs. Dujmovic
    Devoted July 2019
    Mrs. Dujmovic ·

    I wanted to do a first look for the same reason but my husband was SO against it!! After a few times of trying to convince him he flat out told me it was incredibly important to him to see me for the first time on our wedding day when the chapel doors opened because he has been thinking about it since the moment he knew he was going to marry me (melted my heart).... point to this long comment (sorry) is I think you should do the traditional look down the aisle if the only reason is to save time if it's super important to him!

    You can save time by taking as many pictures as possible before the ceremony (like his separate fam photos and yours, then after the ceremony you take all of the picture of the two of you plus family and the wedding party).

  • FutureMrsK
    VIP August 2019
    FutureMrsK ·
    We are doing a first look. My FH gets anxious so we are hoping the first look can calm some nerves before the ceremony. Plus we wanted to get the majority of the picture out of the way so that we can enjoy our cocktail hour with our guests instead of having to do pictures after the ceremony.
  • Jennifer
    Expert September 2020
    Jennifer ·
    I am one for tradition, plus I am, rather, superstitious in that it is “bad luck” to see the bride before the wedding.

    I don’t plan on first looks. I want to have the first time my FH sees me be as I walk down the aisle to him....

    Maybe do a first look- but with a robe or something over the dress? Or first look over a fence? I think it’s seeing you in the dress that makes it “bad luck”.....

    But, to each their own. If you have a good photographer than you should be able to streamline the photos you want after the wedding....
  • Alexis
    Dedicated December 2021
    Alexis ·
    I follow a lot of wedding photographers on Instagram, and this debate is brought up all the time. Most photogs advocate for first looks because couples usually feel like it's the only time you guys get to be together, just the two of you, for practically the whole night. Also, a lot of people have said that it really helps calm your nerves before the ceremony, and it's really personal for both of you.

    I used to be a hard no when it came to first looks. I was convinced that it was bad luck and I wanted to follow tradition. But honestly? After reading other couples' experiences and perspectives, my mind has totally changes, and if my FH says yes to a first look, we're definitely doing one. I'm already nervous enough for the day to come, but mostly the idea of standing in front of so many people gets at my nerves, so if just being with him beforehand for a few moments will make that better, it's totally worth it, in my opinion.

    As for "bad luck," a lot of traditions have changed nowadays, and I've seen a lot of people do bridals months before the wedding. Personally, again, not something I would do because it's a little too far outside tradition for my taste, but a first look is ON your wedding day, not before it, so I think "bad luck" really isn't a factor in it.
  • Swtnss238
    VIP May 2019
    Swtnss238 ·
    No first look for us. FH was very clear about his wishes for this. He does not want to see me until im walking down the aisle toward him to become his wife. Luckily I 100% agree so there was no issue.
  • Alisa
    Dedicated August 2019
    Alisa ·
    Thank you all so much. I am now prepared to take the pros and cons to him and see what we decide. But also asking photographer as well.
  • L
    Dedicated August 2019
    Lauren ·
    I am doing a first look because 1.) I really want to just have some special alone time with my fiancé. Just to actually take a minute to breathe and realize we are actually getting married in a few hours!! 2.) Because it mays the flow of the day go so much easier. And 3.) because he is the one thing in the whole world that keeps me calm and I wouldn’t want to go through the whole day of the wedding (since my ceremony doesn’t start until 6:00) without him!!
  • Monica
    Dedicated July 2020
    Monica ·
    No first look for us - we want that special moment of going down the aisle, our genuine reactions for that.

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