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Finished Bridal party bouquets ❤️

Lafuturaseñora, on February 26, 2019 at 12:26 PM Posted in Do It Yourself 0 9
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Yesterday I made and finished my bridal party bouquets with the flowers my aunt was kind enough to give me. ❤️ They’re somewhat small but I really love them. The ribbon was hard to do and I burned myself twice with hot glue. I’m so excited, now onto make my own bouquet!!!!

do I need to make something for our mothers to wear??

Finished Bridal party bouquets ❤️ 1

Finished Bridal party bouquets ❤️ 2

Finished Bridal party bouquets ❤️ 3

Finished Bridal party bouquets ❤️ 4


  • Maggie
    Champion October 2025
    Maggie ·
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    These are so cute!! I love the colorful ribbons, I think they really balance out the sort of blushy/neutral colors of the flowers!

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  • Lafuturaseñora
    Devoted April 2019
    Lafuturaseñora ·
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    Thank you! Yes that’s exactly what I was going for. I originally was going to use colorful flowers but that’s soooo hard to do, finding nice matching colors and flowers that mesh well together. I decided the bridesmaids will have blushy tones and colorful ribbon and I’ll just have colorful flowers for my bouquet.
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  • MrsD
    Legend July 2019
    MrsD ·
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    Cute! Our mothers are getting corsages.

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  • Formerbride
    VIP June 2019
    Formerbride ·
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    You go! They are cute and kudos for taking the time to do it! Mothers generally get corsages but whatever works for you!

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  • Ana
    Devoted September 2019
    Ana ·
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    Very nice good work!
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  • Amanda
    Master December 2020
    Amanda ·
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    Love the ribbon, beautiful and colorful! Congrats
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  • Danielle
    Master June 2019
    Danielle ·
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    Good job, I plan to have corsages for the mothers and grandmothers....and boutineers for the fathers and grandfathers.

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  • Crisa
    Expert January 2020
    Crisa ·
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    They look great!! I love the color and ribbons. Sorry that you burned your hand though.
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  • J
    Savvy March 2019
    Jacqueline ·
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    They look so cute!! I'm doing my own as well so wish me luck! xoxo

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