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Finding the Mother of the Bride dress! Where did you find yours? And semi-rant....

Kathryn, on October 18, 2014 at 12:50 PM Posted in Planning 0 18
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Or I should say where did your mama find hers. I took her to DB and her reaction (which was probably the first reaction I saw from her regarding anything wedding) was hysterical. She was saying that the dresses there were for old, old, old people and she hated everything. She wanted to go home after that (there's the mother I know of! Giving up sooo easily when things get tough) so I tried telling her, "lets go to Macys/Nordstrom's/etc and look" Nope, she wanted to go home defeated. UGH.... So I went home and immediately went on the computer. I pulled up Macy's website and there was an actual "Bridal" option for searching for outfits. Low and behold a tab for MOB! We sat there for a good hour (a wedding miracle) and she found her dress ordered it and it came in. She looked great in it and every compliment like "Wow mom! You look amazing!" was met with "Stop it! You're being annoying" responses. I tried, but she does look good and not old, so WIN!!!! Where did you find yours???


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    Lord and Taylor. We went on one very discouraging trip. My mom said she felt fat in everything, and she wasn't finding anything in petites, so everything fit funny. We waited a couple months and then my sister and I went with her, and looked specifically at petite sections/places and found a great dress.

    I also shopped with my MIL and my husband for her dress and I believe she found it at Macy's.

    David's Bridal selections would have been far too formal for us, neither wanted a long gown or a lot of sparkle/sequin/etc.

    Even if your mom does look great, if she doesn't FEEL great, she should keep looking. We are our own worst critics!

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    My mom found hers at David's Bridal and she doesn't look old at all. Now honestly, some of them look a bit matronly but if you go through all the options she found a killer one that makes her look good and not old at all. I can also say I'm glad I didn't go with her, my MOH (also my younger sister) went with her, and my mom trusts her fashion advice more than mine (because well...who knows?!) so she was able to convince her how good she looked)

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    My mom and I just went to DB this morning and she ordered a dress. However, she didn't get one of the matronly MOB dresses. In fact I think she may have ordered a bridesmaid dress (different from what my girls are wearing). The DB website is down today, or I would put a picture, but it's very elegant and not matronly at all.

  • Lady Firefly
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    Dillard's. Of course selections very by location. We live in a bigger city then my mom and she didn't find anything at her hometown store but had a nicer selection and more choices at the one where we live.

  • Munashi
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    Munashi ·

    Pretty sure my mom got hers from Macy's. I was just as happy with it as she was.

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    Sam ·

    Great post! My mom is running into the same problem... Her issue is that she is a little over weight, and is worried how she will look. So, not to piggyback off your post, but if anyone has any good tips about plus size MOB dresses, do share! Thanks.

  • Staci
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    Nordstrom. My mom never shops for herself and she really loved her experience there.

  • SandM
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    Nordstrom and she looked fabulous! If you can, sign up for a free personal shopper and they will do everything they can to help your mom find a dress.

  • songbird
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    My mom also found her dress at Nordstrom. She is petite and curvy so they had to order a few dresses in petite sizes because the in-store selection in petites can be limited. A stylist at a store near her also helped her. The dress she ultimately chose looked fabulous on her.

  • JC
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    JC ·

    My mom's dress cam from David's Bridal (black and white)

    My MIL made her dress.

  • Cassandra
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    My mom found hers at David's, I thought they had a pretty good variety of MOB dresses, some of them I thought were even a little too "showy" in my opinion. My mom found her pretty quick and I think it's great on her and not "old ladyish" at all... my MIL is definately a different story. We're 3 weeks out form the wedding and she still can't seem to find anything she likes anywhere.

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    Nordstrom for my mom and FMIL. Nordstrom with the personal shopper was great for my mom. I'm not sure FMIL had as good an experience. Didn't even think to send her to DB for other options.

  • Mrs. A & J
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    Mrs. A & J ·

    My Mom found a Belle Bagdley Mischka (sp?). I'm actually rather shocked. Its gorgeous and a little sexy, which is so not my moms normal style!! Above the knee, lace sleeves, and elegant cut outs in the upper back. She got it in a champagne color. I'm SO excited to see it on her!! My mom is fantastic and never dresses up, so I can't wait to see her looking so amazing

  • Laura
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    Laura ·

    We got hers at Dillard's, but Macy's had a good selection as well. Initially we went to DB and had a horrendous experience that pretty much left her in tears and hating her body. The staff was absolutely no help there and just kept talking amongst themselves and pointing to the wall to where the other dresses were and told her to look. However, the sales person we were assigned to made sure we knew her name so if we bought something she could get the commission. She also felt everything was old feeling there too though.

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    My mom got hers at Alfred Angelo.

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    BunnyLove ·

    I'm leaving this up to her. I am confident she will look her best. Besides, I have no idea where my mother shops for her clothes.

  • KlassyLady
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    KlassyLady ·

    Although my mother always dresses nice, I've never seen my mother wear a dress in my entire life. Instead, she has a nice top and some flowy pants that she is going to wear (the kind that have the chiffon overlay... I'm not sure how else to describe them). I'm fine with whatever she wants to wear

  • KayDwitWill
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    KayDwitWill ·

    My mom is a plus size woman so she got her dress from Romans. I'm not a fan of Romans but the dress fits her and the color was right.

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