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Fiancé birthday - Any Suggestions in places?

Evelyn, on January 11, 2019 at 8:07 PM Posted in Family and Relationships 0 4
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My fiancé birthday is in two weeks. Do you know any nice places I can take him out on his birthday? We both in Los Angeles , Ca area and I don’t know where I can take him for his birthday? We already been to a lot of places now . Any good food restaurants? He loves steaks lol

i just want to make him feel special . :/


  • C
    Dedicated January 2020
    Cora ·
    Mastros in Malibu is really good for steak/special occasion. Really fond of Alexander’s Steakhouse in Pasadena too.
  • Leah
    Dedicated September 2019
    Leah ·
    Smitty’s in Pasadena
  • Alisa
    Dedicated 0000
    Alisa ·
    We're also from Los Angeles. FH took me to San Diego for my birthday and it was so much fun. There's also a rooftop bar that rotates in DTLA where I took him for his birthday but I would only recommend it for a night cap and/or drinks. It's at the Westin hotel, Bona Vista Lounge and there's a steak restaurant on the next floor.
  • Colleen
    Master September 2019
    Colleen ·
    I took my fiancé out to dinner for his b day. Another thought is if you cooked him a nice steak dinner got some candles maybe some yummy dessert. Had a nice thing at home.

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