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Father/Daughter Dance

Eden , on October 13, 2016 at 7:33 AM Posted in Planning 0 16
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I am having trouble picking a song for the Father/Daughter dance; I need some inspiration. What songs did y'all choose?


  • Phylicia
    Super April 2017
    Phylicia ·
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    Listen to a bunch of songs, not just the song, but the lyrics... good father daughter dance and listen away... not so much about the "song" but the meaning.

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  • Katie B to S
    Super January 2017
    Katie B to S ·
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    I didn't pick this song, but my dad suggested "You Are So Beautiful"

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  • Katie
    Expert January 2017
    Katie ·
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    My little girl,

    I loved her first

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  • Jamie
    Dedicated October 2016
    Jamie ·
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    Daddy dance with me.

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  • Samtoine2017
    VIP May 2017
    Samtoine2017 ·
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    I'm doing Daddy's Hands, makes me cry every time

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  • HailyMarie
    VIP June 2017
    HailyMarie ·
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    I Loved Her First by Heartland

    Totally overdone as father daughter song but I don't care. It's my favorite.

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  • S
    Beginner October 2016
    Stephanie ·
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    I agree with Katie F ^ My little girl I loved her first , I saw her first.

    Is that Rascal Flatts. That's what my dad n I danced to

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  • A
    Just Said Yes October 2016
    Amber ·
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    When you need me - Bruce Springsteen

    Get to dance to this with my Dad next weekend!

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  • Sarahmouche
    Master January 2017
    Sarahmouche ·
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    Echoing others on I Loved Her First by Heartland. We used it at my first wedding 7 years ago before it was super huge but if we hadnt, I'd absolutely use it now, bugger the fact that it's overdone. The words are lovely.

    We're using Phil Collins "You'll be in my Heart"

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  • Melanie
    Devoted May 2016
    Melanie ·
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    My dad and I danced to "I'll Be Your Man (Song for a Daughter) by Zac Brown Band. Such a nice song!

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  • FutureMrsFink
    Dedicated November 2016
    FutureMrsFink ·
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    My dad picked the song, would NOT have been my choice BUT very excited because it means alot to him !

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  • FreshToDeathAng
    Master September 2016
    FreshToDeathAng ·
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    I danced w/ my brothers, but we used "When you need me" - Bruce Springsteen.

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  • Meant to be Busby
    Super October 2016
    Meant to be Busby ·
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    I let my dad pick our song and he picked Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. I listened to it and cried!

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  • Lara
    Master July 2015
    Lara ·
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    My dad picked the song. He picked The Weight by The Band.

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  • MTR
    Devoted October 2016
    MTR ·
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    My dad is picking our song. I won't know what it us until the actual dance.

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  • MrsNerd
    Master October 2016
    MrsNerd ·
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    Neither my dad nor I dance, and are both very anxious about the whole thing!! I posted here and got great song suggestions. We picked "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong

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