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Eyelash extensions

Fiona, on June 27, 2018 at 9:05 AM Posted in Hair and Makeup 0 8
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Has anyone done eyelash extensions for their wedding? If so how long before your wedding did you do them! And did you like them or hate them!


  • Swtnss238
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    For my E-shoot i did those strip lashes and no way can I handle them. Way to heavy. Beautiful but i didn't like how they felt at all. For the wedding my MUA will do the individual lashes a couple days before the wedding. They r way more expensive and take way more time to apply but they last for weeks i guess.
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  • Mrs. H
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    I currently have eyelash extensions, and I FREAKING LOVE them! Not only has it cut about 10 minutes off of my morning makeup routine, but I always look like I'm wearing mascara, even with a bare face. It personally makes me feel a lot more confident and beautiful.

    The initial set will be the most expensive, but the fills are a lot cheaper, and most people can go 2-3 weeks between fills. I totally recommend them!

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  • T
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    Tara ·
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    I’ve had eyelash extensions for the past year and a half and I love them! I’m planning on getting a fill just a couple of days before my wedding and I don’t plan on wearing that much makeup.
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  • Kodi
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    SO, I got extensions last year for a Mexico trip and I loved them. Never got a refill though and when they all came out my real lashes were much shorter than usual and it took some time for them to full grow back I guess. After that I was like there’s no way I am getting these again because I have nice natural lashes. But lately I have been thinking I’ll get them for the wedding. I use glue on lashes a lot but I don’t want to have to worry about them on my wedding day.

    So I say go for it, BUT get them done a month before your wedding so you have time to get used to them and also if they are too long, too full, too short, you have time to get them fixed exactly how you want them.

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  • Krista
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    I have them and I'm getting married this Saturday! I had them all last summer and now I've had them for about a month of two. I absolutely love them. You need to brunch them which is funny and you can't rub your eye the same. I instead push down on my eye if it's irritated. I'm getting my lashes filled Thursday so that's two days before my wedding! You could probably even go up to a week but they do eventually start following out so I just want to make sure mine are full!
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  • c
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    It really, really depends on you. My FMIL does them for a living and personally, I'm not a fan because even the classic ones make my eyes feel too heavy. There are volume eyelash extensions (multiple lashes per natural lash), classic (one extension per natural lash), hybrid (mix of the two), super curled ones, some like the length longer, etc. If you're highly stressed, they will shed faster so I agree with a PP to get them done about 2-4 weeks ahead of your wedding, see how you like them, and then book a fill a couple of days before your wedding to ensure they will look full. If you don't like them, they are easy to remove.

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  • Tpatb
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    Same..I’ve been wearing them about since Nov. 2016...but they are a personal preference so I’d honestly do a trial run bc I know some ppl hate them. They’re not the cheapest & require maintence, but they are worth it for me!
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  • Official Mrs.K
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    If this is something you are strongly considering I would recommend getting them a couple months prior to your wedding. I got the extensions a while back and ended up developing an allergic reaction to the adhesive. I had severely swollen and itchy eyes for several weeks and was pretty miserable. I don’t think this is a common reaction but better to allow for extra time just in case. Ironically I have no issues to the glue used for temporary lashes and thankfully I do just fine with last boost from Rodan & Fields. It isn’t quite as good as extensions but way better than the alternative of no lashes!
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