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Rebecca , on March 21, 2017 at 1:48 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 15
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My fiancé and I are going on a month trip to Paris and Barcelona and are considering using airbnb but we never have is it really reliable.... if anyone has used them did the place you rent from look like the pictures how was the host etc...


  • Lisa Kingsbury
    September 2019
    Lisa Kingsbury ·

    We use Airbnb just about every time we travel! It's nice because you can rent an entire house/apartment, so you have your own space and kitchen. Often, we don't even meet the hosts in person, but the ones we have met have always been very nice. We always check the reviews before we book and see what experience other guests had.

    We've only had one bad experience. The power went out in the apartment building the morning before we were scheduled to arrive. But Airbnb has great customer service and they found us a new place to stay and gave us a credit.

  • C
    Beginner March 2017
    Catherine ·

    We use airBnB for our annual NYE trip to the beach - have for the last three years!

    We had an issue this year with the house (the owner forgot to leave a key) but it was really easy to get charges reversed and contact the property owner.

    Our honeymoon is in a week and we're traveling to Italy. We haven't booked any accommodations yet but I'm definitely planning to use airBnB among the options!

  • Erin Wood
    Master July 2017
    Erin Wood ·

    We always use Airbnb. It's always great. Great prices, hosts and accommodations. Highly recommended for my wedding guests.

  • Mrs. Brendan
    Super April 1994
    Mrs. Brendan ·

    Used it for my trip to Europe and had no issues. Loved it! Do your research and look at the reviews.

  • MrsMitch
    Master August 2017
    MrsMitch ·

    I use Airbnb, VRBO and homeaway for most vacations. Just make sure you select a location that has plenty reviews.

  • EarlieCat
    Super December 2016
    EarlieCat ·

    We used Airbnb for 2 legs of our honeymoon. I agree with pp do your research with reviews and neighborhoods. My mom used Airbnb and had a horrible experience with a host. The host was verbally abusive and Airbnb customer service was unhelpful.

  • OceanDreamin
    Expert July 2017
    OceanDreamin ·

    Have used airbnb in the states, Europe, and Mexico. I have always had a great experience! I tend to go with people that have good reviews and I get a good vibe from emailing.

  • T-Rex
    Master August 2013
    T-Rex ·

    I haven't used airbnb overseas (I like bed and breakfasts), but my advice is this: European standards of comfort are WAY different than American.

  • Jackie
    Devoted March 2017
    Jackie ·

    Yes I love it. So many options!

  • browneyedgirl
    Expert June 2018
    browneyedgirl ·


  • Amanda
    VIP May 2017
    Amanda ·

    We just used one for my Bachelorette, it was awesome. Host was great and the house looked exactly like the pictures

  • CourthouseCouple
    Devoted August 2017
    CourthouseCouple ·

    We almost only use Airbnb now. I've used it locally and in Europe and have never had a bad experience. Reviews are your best friend. And like others have said, make sure to find a place centrally located or where you can grab transportation fairly easily.

    I feel like it gives you a more authentic experience also!

  • Portlandia13
    Super April 2017
    Portlandia13 ·

    I've heard great things about airbnb, but my experience was awful. Rented a flat in the Picadilly area of London, the place had great reviews. When we got there, the furniture was rock hard, the floors were dirty, and there were MICE. It looked immaculate in the photo, and all previews reviews were stellar. We only stayed one night, got the rest refunded, and booked a hotel at the last minute.

  • T
    Beginner October 2017
    Tonia ·

    Did airbnb in Paris, Lyon and Barcelona back in October and adored it!

  • Margaret
    Expert March 2018
    Margaret ·

    I have used Airbnb over 13 times for international trips. Just check the user's reviews and users are usually very thorough and honest in them.

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