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Europe Honeymoon

purplejunebride, on February 19, 2018 at 9:39 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 5
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My fiancé and I haven't decided on a honeymoon but we think we might do something in Europe. Any recommendations of a place and any tips on saving money? Thanks for the help!


  • Elizabeth
    Dedicated September 2018
    Elizabeth ·
    FH and I are going to France fur our honeymoon. We will be saving some money by renting an Airbnb in Paris (hotels seem to be quite expensive there!), finding free things to do, cooking our own food when we can (Airbnb with kitchen!). We are also having a small wedding, so that we can spend more money on the honeymoon! Since we love to travel.
  • Melanie
    Devoted March 2018
    Melanie ·
    Croatia! The island of Hvar is amazing. Tons of AirBnB’s too. Malta is also a great option for history and beaches.
  • Stephanie
    Expert March 2017
    Stephanie ·

    My H and I did a Mediterranean Cruise that started from Rome and went to Florence, Naples, Barcelona, Palma Mallorca and Cannes. France. It was great because we got t go to different places and we didn't have to worry about the hotel or the food. It was a preview of different locations and now we know what we would visit again and spend more time in.

  • FutureMrsR-M
    Expert August 2020
    FutureMrsR-M ·
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    Both Malta and Croatia are both gorgeous! There’s a ton of history in Malta plus great beaches and everyone is a native English speaker. Croatia also has amazing beaches and the national parks are out of this world breathingtakingly gorgeous.
  • FutureMrsR-M
    Expert August 2020
    FutureMrsR-M ·
    If you want city culture, I highly recommend Vienna. It’s very safe, easy to get around with public transport, and Austrians generally know English, so if you don’t know German, it’s usualt not a problem. Western Austria is also lovely. If you are looking for more adventure, Innsbruck is amazing (in summer or winter) and a top ski destination if you were planning on a winter honeymoon.

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