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Engagement Rings!!!

FutureMrsSmith, on December 21, 2014 at 6:29 PM Posted in Planning 0 84
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Not really planning related, but....... I want to see all the beautiful engagement rings I know you ladies have! I find myself stating at my hand and looking at my ring allllllll the time. LOL! FH doesn't think it's good enough, but I think it's perfect and it's everything I could have ever hoped for. Here's mine to start us off:


  • Happy In Hawaii
    Master July 2015
    Happy In Hawaii ·

    Very nice! I love my ring too, I just got it cleaned so I'm looking at it a lot more now! My FH came up with the custom design and it's perfect. It has maile leaves on the side (which are typically used in leis during weddings). He has it engraved to say "Nau Ko'u Aloha" meaning "My love is yours". We are in the process of custom designing a matching band and I can't wait to see how that will look!

  • AprilBride
    Super April 2015
    AprilBride ·

    Beautiful! I'm really liking the solitaire style lately.

    Here is mine. Ditto on the not being able to stop looking at it!

  • Celia Milton
    September 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    I LOVE the ring pix!!!!

  • Lara
    Master July 2015
    Lara ·

    Oh I love showing it off! it's a sapphire, blue like his eyes

  • R
    Devoted August 2015
    R ·

    FH designed it and it's perfect! Although it catches on everything!

  • C
    Master June 2015
    ChampagneDream ·

    I'm obsessed haha

  • B-2-Z
    Super February 2015
    B-2-Z ·

    I love mine, recently got it all polished up, so I need to take a new picture. Can't wait to wear them

  • KarenM
    Master November 2014
    KarenM ·

    Here are our rings. I love my e-ring. It's an aquamarine, which is both of our birthstone.

  • Alicia
    VIP July 2016
    Alicia ·

    Everyone's is so beautiful

  • Brigit
    Master October 2015
    Brigit ·

    Heres mine, its my birthstone blue topaz. i love it, its pretty big so it does get caught on things

  • Christine
    Master October 2015
    Christine ·

    Love seeing all the different gemstones!

    Mine's an emerald, my birthstone.

  • Chris
    Dedicated February 2015
    Chris ·

    R's ring is so nice, I love it very much.

  • MrsE
    VIP August 2014
    MrsE ·

    Wow so many different styles. I love it. Congrats ladies!

  • Monica SC
    Master October 2015
    Monica SC ·


  • Abby
    Expert March 2015
    Abby ·

    I love the gemstone rings! Unfortunately my birthstone is Ruby, which I'm not a huge fan of.

  • MrsJohnston
    Super October 2014
    MrsJohnston ·

    I love these threads!!!

    Here's my beauties all soldered together

  • Annie & Javi
    Master October 2015
    Annie & Javi ·

    Photos never do justice!

  • Annie & Javi
    Master October 2015
    Annie & Javi ·

    Another because my iPad won't let me upload two at a time. -_-

  • FutureMrsSmith
    Super April 2016
    FutureMrsSmith ·

    Such beautiful rings! And so many gemstones, I hate mine (topaz), that was definitely a no go

  • BreeCheez
    VIP April 2015
    BreeCheez ·

    TBH I was a huge ass when he first gave it to me & I am so thankful he was patient with me, b/c I am terribly embarrassed at my initial feelings towards the ring. We had "shopped" a bit , per his request, because I don't wear any jewelry (or even own anything really) so he didn't have any clue on my style. So I gave him a ton of suggestions, they were all int he same category really, but nothing really was jaw dropping or amazing to me, they were all okay. However, the ones I did like a lot were all very curvy & kind of a vintage style. So I put in my official input on what kind of ring I wanted, I told him I wanted something I didn't see on everyone's hand, something that was special.

    He did exactly those two things (which is why I am a huge ass). they style was not what I expected, the shape was not what I had shown him... But it IS unique (it is a white topaz), & it was his Grandmothers, which makes it very special to the both of us, & he has it plated in white gold b/c he knew I wasn't a huge fan of wearing yellow gold. He did everything I had asked for.

    We actually got into a fight the day we got engaged b/c I told him honestly (a few hours after getting engaged) I wasn't sure how I felt about the ring, I did not by any means dislike it, I just didn't love it. I woke up in the middle of the night & realized I had been so horrible to him & the ring was so special to me regardless of what I expected, because it came from the man I loved & nothing else mattered.

    Since then I have that butterfly feeling when I look at it & realize how lucky I am (& how dumb I was) & when I get it cleaned I feel like it's brand new to me all over again!

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