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Engagement ring

Tierra, on June 21, 2016 at 12:15 PM

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Show off your beautiful engagement rings

Show off your beautiful engagement rings


  • Jenny92
    VIP May 2017
    Jenny92 ·

    First time showing it off on WW

  • Kiwi Kawaii
    Master August 2016
    Kiwi Kawaii ·

    @Novak, me too! Toothbrush and dish soap helps a lot.

  • BookcaseHat
    Master July 2017
    BookcaseHat ·

    Love these threads -- gorgeous rings, everybody!

  • LaToya
    Expert June 2016
    LaToya ·

    My black and white ring with my wedding band

  • Sarahmouche
    Master January 2017
    Sarahmouche ·

    I love my channel set cushion cut- the band is antique and the center stone is from James Allen and it sparkles so well even though it's not large, suits me perfectly!

  • Rachel Anne
    Expert May 2017
    Rachel Anne ·

    Here's mine!

  • H
    Just Said Yes October 2017
    Heather ·

    The beautiful ring my fiancé picked out for me

  • Marty
    Dedicated September 2017
    Marty ·

    Looks like our significant others all picked fabulously!

  • Khylah
    Devoted August 2017
    Khylah ·


  • MeantToBeAKennedy
    Expert October 2016
    MeantToBeAKennedy ·

    Simple solitaire!

  • Whitney
    Beginner October 2016
    Whitney ·

    Mines a black tahitian pearl with small diamonds in the band. I love it so much!!

  • HecateHoney
    VIP October 2017
    HecateHoney ·

    I knew this was the one because I got chills up my whole body when I tried it on. ...and we were just being silly. And it was under budget which he loved especially when I loved it so much.

  • Tierra
    Devoted March 2017
    Tierra ·

    Beautiful rings ladies!!

  • MrsSchaub2017
    Expert July 2017
    MrsSchaub2017 ·

    Love mine (:

  • Simca
    Super April 2017
    Simca ·

    The rings are beautiful. Here is mine

  • Katelyn
    Expert September 2016
    Katelyn ·

  • Juli
    VIP March 2017
    Juli ·

    It's still so sparkly!

  • Whitney
    Beginner October 2016
    Whitney ·

    Thanks @joanna I knew I never wanted a diamond and I love pearls, once I told him that he came up with this one. It is just perfect!

  • FutureMrsSmith
    Expert August 2016
    FutureMrsSmith ·

    I feel like a princess when i wearine

  • H
    Dedicated March 2018
    Heather ·

    Love my rose gold ring!

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