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Engagement photos--props?!

Katie, on July 20, 2018 at 12:36 PM Posted in Planning 0 20
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Hi everyone!! I've been looking around at all kind of things for e-photos which we are taking next month, doing a lot of saving on Pinterest for inspo... Wondering how popular the use of props actually is?

If you used props - did you bring them with you or were they provided by the photographer? Where's a good place to find props if you bought them? What did you choose to do if you DIYed? Let me see your prop photos!!

Also, any engagement photo tips? I'm excited but also a bit nervous!


  • Soon2Bmrsp
    VIP May 2019
    Soon2Bmrsp ·

    Following, mine are tomorrow but I will looking for props, not extensively and I just didnt see anything outside of chalkboards, so curious to see what people say.

  • JuneBride2018
    Devoted June 2018
    JuneBride2018 ·
    We were going to do props but we didn’t. We were going to do the & sign and I was going to paint it but I didn’t feel like it. What I do wish I would have used is the sign that said “What’d you wanna marry me for anyhow?......So I can kiss you anytime I want” that is a line from my favorite movie Sweet Home Alabama. Just go in happy and relax. If you’re not relaxed it will show in pictures. Also don’t put to much into it just go with the flow, natural is best.
  • char
    Expert September 2018
    char ·

    We didn't do props, other than our motorcycles and my car (because they're so awesome).

    I'm kinda not into the cutesy stuff, but that's just me.

  • Gen
    Master June 2019
    Gen ·
    The only prop we’re bringing is a sign from personalized planet that we actually ordered to use for our sweetheart table at the reception but realized it’d be a great engagement photo sign. It’s carved to say Mr & Mrs and underneath, both our first names plus our married last name is engraved along with our wedding date we wouldn’t have ordered it just as a photo prop, but since we got it anyway we figured we may as well use it
  • Katie
    Devoted August 2019
    Katie ·
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    So funny!! FH and I say that line to eachother all the time!! Thank you for the advice!
  • AJ
    VIP September 2018
    AJ ·
    I recommend keeping it simple--a sign with your date written on it, something pertaining to your theme, or a seasonal item.

    We took ours in late January so I found some really cute props at Dollar Tree thanks to Valentine's Day being right around the corner. We used a heart-shaped sign and wrote "She said 'yeah!'" on it, and used a blanket for some cute wrapped -up pictures.
  • Katie
    Devoted August 2019
    Katie ·
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    Thats a good idea! My concern about buying props is purchasing it JUST for photos and never looking at it again..I like that you're using your decor!
  • Katie
    Devoted August 2019
    Katie ·
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    That's sounds super cool!! And great that you personalized the experience
  • Jaycie
    Expert March 2019
    Jaycie ·
    We didn't use props and honestly our best pics are close ups of us looking at each other. I would say if you do have a prop to maybe get something you can use again for ceremony or reception.
  • Gen
    Master June 2019
    Gen ·
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    Yeah personally I would never have spent money on something just for a photo prop. We bought this sign for our table at the reception and right now we just have it hung up as a decoration in our house, so we’ll probably keep it up even after the wedding
  • Disneysue
    Devoted September 2018
    Disneysue ·
    We didn't have any. We used a different pic for our STD's. We did our engagement pics really to get to know our photographer. She did bring one prop and I LOVE IT.

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  • Tammy
    Super October 2018
    Tammy ·

    We brought our dogs LOL!! Honestly most of my favorites are all candid ones

  • Tara
    Master September 2018
    Tara ·
    Im not a fan of all the cutesy props but i might bring a bouquet (probably some random grocery store bouquet) and possibly a blanket (tjmaxx or ross would be good for this. Even though fall is hot here in cali i want the fall look.

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  • MrsSnez
    Super October 2018
    MrsSnez ·
    It's hard to read, but I got these chalkboard coffee mugs and wrote "Mr." and "Soon to be Mrs." on them.

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  • Ingrid
    Super September 2018
    Ingrid ·
    Balloons are good props! Didn’t use them for my e-pics but I did for grad pics.

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  • Deaddorothy
    Dedicated June 2019
    Deaddorothy ·
    We are bringing our leather jackets. They are extremely punk and not super high fashion. But that’s basically it. The jackets I feel represent a side of us that brought us together, music and subculture. I also thought of those colored smoke bombs has anyone had luck with those?
  • Liana
    VIP March 2017
    Liana ·

    We brought our own props and got them all on amazon.

  • Amber
    Savvy November 2019
    Amber ·

    Hi! I made a DIY from Pinterest and brought it with me to the shoot! Me and my fiance are Fall people, we always go pick out pumpkins together and I saw a idea where instead of a pumpkin there were apples so I took my own spin!

    I am also a photographer and my best advice is to just be yourself! Focus on the love you have for each other and just have fun. Let the photographer capture the rest!

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  • Katie
    Devoted August 2019
    Katie ·
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    I LOVE this. Super cute. FH and I are fall people, too, and used to go apple picking/make caramel apples for our anniverseries throughout college!! Thanks for the idea!
  • Amber
    Savvy November 2019
    Amber ·
    Girl that is such a coincidence! Here is the picture I found that inspired me!

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