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E-Pic Bloopers

mc4dj13, on June 28, 2013 at 1:27 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 12
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We all enjoy a good laugh and I wanted to post a thread we can all get involved with. For those of us who have our engagement photos taken already- let's all pick and post one photo that we consider to be the "blooper" of the shoot. Did your doggy leave a "present" in the middle of your shoot? Did a sunburned shirtless beach-goer walk into the shot? Let's have fun with this!

I will start. I hate this photo. Our photographer wanted to take a series of funny face photos. My fiance of course has this photo as the background on his phone.


  • Shawndra
    Super July 2013
    Shawndra ·

    Hahaha I don't have any tho

  • Ashlee
    Super March 2014
    Ashlee ·

    Sometimes it's hard to get my FH to take pictures seriously...

  • MrsO
    Master May 2012
    MrsO ·

    It started off as an innocent piggy back ride until he tried to throw me into the stream.

    Then I played with his face.

    Then he made a chair for me in the field (and my hair had gotten crazy frizzy by that point. Thanks humidity.)

  • Out the Window
    Master May 2014
    Out the Window ·

    I don't have mine back yet! WAH!!! But he said he caught one when a bug flew in my eye...

  • Married2013
    Master September 2013
    Married2013 ·

    He would just be ecstatic about me posting this : )

  • MistysoontobeBell
    Master October 2013
    MistysoontobeBell ·

    Here is ours...

  • mc4dj13
    Master November 2013
    mc4dj13 ·

    @Ashlee- So funny!! Cute pics everyone!

  • Amanda
    Master August 2013
    Amanda ·

    Fun thread! Here's us, towards the end of our shoot. FH was getting silly and wanted to do a foot pop, too.

  • Leslie
    Super August 2013
    Leslie ·

    This isn't that much of a blooper but I just grabbed him and had a cheesy smile and it made him smile. It actually didn't turn out that bad! LOL

  • Crawline
    Expert September 2013
    Crawline ·

    I jumped on his back....but I jumped at an angle and this is what happened...

  • Sarah D.
    VIP March 2013
    Sarah D. ·

    We have one where I'm pulling my tank top up over my bra and adjusting myself ( darn DDs) and she took the picture, edited it, and sent it to me. H was oblivious to it all.

  • Katie
    VIP May 2014
    Katie ·

    The first pic was completely my FH's idea! haha The second was an awesome shot my photographer happened to get of me mid laugh.

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