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Dress Budget!

Erin Wood, on August 26, 2016 at 2:46 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 139
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I am going dress shopping at the end of September. My Mom is paying for the dress and gave me a $4,000 budget. That seems like a lot! What was your budget?


  • LB
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  • Van Pear
    VIP January 2017
    Van Pear ·

    Lol @BeachyLauren

    I was given a 2k budget from my mom, with FH throwing 1k on top of it if I really needed (I did not).

  • BeachDreams
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  • N
    Beginner March 2017
    Nefertiti ·

    My buget is $400 its a small wedding trying to save more than i have to spend my max would be $600. I hate too spend that much on fabric. (My personal opinion)

  • Erin Wood
    Master July 2017
    Erin Wood ·

    I'm not bragging!! It's the only thing my Mom is paying for and we have no idea how much dresses cost. I watch a lot of say yes to the dress and they all spend around $5,000 and up. I was just curious.

  • Maggy
    Super December 2016
    Maggy ·

    My budget was $500

  • Sam
    VIP October 2016
    Sam ·

    I thought alterations were gonna cost me more than they did so I ended up spending $800 on the dress and $250 on alterations, paid for it myself so wasn't looking to go overboard but whatever makes you happy.

  • Wombat
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    Wombat ·

    My dress was $500.

  • IrrelevantRaganPO2
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    IrrelevantRaganPO2 ·

    Mine was $800 and alterations were $200

    ETA: if you are wearing a veil don't forget that cost, they can be very expensive. The one I fell in love with that matched my dress perfectly was $250!!

  • Amber
    Super August 2017
    Amber ·

    Say Yes to the Dress they go to big cities, designers. You be able to definitely find something for $4,000 I'm trying to stay under $1,000

  • koolaid303
    Devoted October 2016
    koolaid303 ·

    My max was $1500 ended up with a beautiful perfect dress for $1000!

  • Amanda Blue
    October 2019
    Amanda Blue ·

    You will get a very nice dress at your $4 budget!

  • MandaSandwich
    Expert October 2016
    MandaSandwich ·

    Depends on what kind of dress you want, there are beautiful dresses at any price point. You can look at dresses by price point on WeddingWire to give you an idea. If you want something more designer I think a $1500- $2000 is a good place to start. Remember to think factor in alterations.

  • Angela
    VIP April 2017
    Angela ·

    I was hoping to keep it under $2,500 with alterations. The dress I fell in love with was $1,400, so I was happy with that! My veil was around $350

  • SailawaySomppi
    VIP April 2018
    SailawaySomppi ·

    I didnt want to spend over 600. Say Yes to the Dress is a fun but ridiculous show. If your budget is under 2 grand they pull out the same dress you can get at a Davids Bridal 99 dollar sale. I'd spend a fourth of your budget and ask mom to put the rest towards other stuff

  • Erin Wood
    Master July 2017
    Erin Wood ·

    I don't care about designer. Lol! As long as it doesn't look cheap. I see sales at David's bridal all the time for $99 and they look just fine. Guess I'll know more when I go. The less I spend the more I have to throw at the bar tab! HaHa! Location is charging $9 per cocktail and I have 150 guests. Yikes!

  • MrsGill
    Expert August 2016
    MrsGill ·

    My dress was $150 and it was gorgeous

  • Vanessa
    Devoted September 2017
    Vanessa ·

    My max was $1,500 I ended up spending $336 not including alterations those haven't been done yet

  • Natasha
    VIP January 2017
    Natasha ·

    That is a reasonable budget! My budget was 1,000 but my dad end up paying around 1,600 for the sash, veil, and dress altogether. I will pay for my own alterations.

  • Private_User832
    Master August 2017
    Private_User832 ·

    1000-1200 but I live in an expensive state

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