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Does anyone have long curled hair trial pics?

Brandey, on September 24, 2013 at 11:18 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 4
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Not that I want to copy anyone, but I need some inspiration before my trial tomorrow! I'd like to wear it mostly down with big curls Smiley smile Pics would be much appreciated!


  • Barbra
    Dedicated November 2013
    Barbra ·
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    I just had my hair trial today. Here is a pic of the back. Good luck tomorrow!!!!

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  • Brandey
    Dedicated October 2013
    Brandey ·
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  • Tatiana
    VIP September 2013
    Tatiana ·
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    I did my hair differently in my trial, changed it for my wedding day to half up and curled, BUT I don't have any pictures where you can see it clearly yet. I didn't bring her a picture of the half up style, I just explained that I wanted it parted and not flat or tight, with loose curls. She did an awesome job and I loved it so, so much. I really wish I had a good picture.

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  • Happy In Hawaii
    Master July 2015
    Happy In Hawaii ·
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    I got my hair done for my sister's wedding, maybe this will help but it is pretty similar to Barbra's actually!

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