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Does a Rehersal dinner have to be fancy?

~*Mrs.J*~, on December 4, 2011 at 4:02 PM Posted in Planning 0 33
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We were thinking pizza and beer.. We figure by that time friday night people will be ready for some ice cold beer and some good pizza.. We are just worried it is to casual.


  • Merfy Lou
    Master June 2012
    Merfy Lou ·

    I think we're planning on pizza and an ice cream bar.

  • Mrs. S™
    Master October 2011
    Mrs. S™ ·

    Pizza and beer is great!

  • Danielle
    VIP July 2016
    Danielle ·

    Ours will most likely be at a pizza place or the golden corral

  • Amanda
    Master July 2012
    Amanda ·

    We are doing pizza and beer and our grooms cake. I don't see anything wrong with it.

  • Mrs. Reese's Pieces
    VIP October 2012
    Mrs. Reese's Pieces ·

    Heck no it doesn't have to be fancy... I feel like the rehearsal dinner is a time to just sit back and relax before the big day. No need to get all fancy.

    Beer and pizza sounds fantastic!

  • Yardiegirl
    Master September 2012
    Yardiegirl ·

    I don't think it has to be fancy....the more fancy dinner is the reception. I think it should be more laid back

  • Celia Milton
    November 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    I think it's better if it's more casual actually!

  • B
    Devoted December 2011
    blah ·

    Nope we are having a bonfire and finger foods like wings, cheese dip, meatballs etc. Totally relaxed!

  • A
    Super June 2012
    Anonymous ·

    I hope not because Im doing Applebee's and everyone is paying for there own drinks and food.

  • 2d Bride
    Champion October 2009
    2d Bride ·

    We didn't actually have a rehearsal. But our welcome dinner was a bunch of pizzas we had delivered to the house where everyone was staying.

  • Charlotte T.
    Super March 2012
    Charlotte T. ·

    We're doing pizza and beer as well AT the venue, sitting on the steps of the amphitheater our ceremony is in... and then having the wedding party help us set everything up for the next day. Can't get much more casual than that haha

  • Amanda
    Expert September 2013
    Amanda ·

    Loving the pizza & beer idea! We are thinking of going small sandwiches or something like that, and possibly use the basement of our church for it.

  • mrsturnbow
    Super April 2012
    mrsturnbow ·

    Nope. We'll probably end up at a pizza place there in town

  • Celia Milton
    November 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    I think it should be hosted (maybe not EVERY drink, but certainly a few) but one of my favorite rehearsal dinners was in an upscale pool hall with pizza, beers and wings. Love it! (And if you can skip the rehearsal? Skip the rehearsal......just do the dinner....)

  • Anne Marie
    VIP December 2011
    Anne Marie ·

    We're doing bar food and trivia at ours... our second choice was pizza!

  • Ednabug
    Master December 2011
    Ednabug ·

    We're hoping to be able to set up our hall after rehearsal and if so...we will be having pizza!!

    great idea of pizza and beer

  • ashlee
    Master January 2012
    ashlee ·

    Wow - i guess i will be the only opposing post... /

    i don't think it necessarily has to be fancy per se -- but it is a very special time to spend with those closest to you and to thank those in your wedding...

    so we are doing a more formal dinner for ours... set menu (allowing guest selection of each course) and an open bar.

  • Carole M (a.k.a "old tart")
    Master October 2011
    Carole M (a.k.a "old tart") ·

    If you are picking up the tab,I think you need to do what works best for your budget.

    We had no rehearsal and a DW, so we had a welcome dinner. It was porchetta sandwiches, sausage and pepper sandwiches, wings and various salads. The guests liked it.

    My daughter's parents are doing the traditional thing and hosting the rehearsal dinner.

  • Sarah
    Dedicated May 2012
    Sarah ·

    It def does NOT have to be fancy. Our rehearsal is going to be laid back and fun. very family style. The country club that we are having this at offers us different styles of buffets and we chose a kabob buffet. It is def going to be fun and relaxing.

  • Lisa Marie
    Super June 2012
    Lisa Marie ·

    I wouldn't say it has to be "fancy" exactly, but it should be a nice time and a way of showing your bridal party and the others there that you are grateful for all they have done for you and how much they still will be doing. I'd think pizza and beer would be fine so long as you make it somehow special for your guests so they don't feel as though the rehearsal dinner was just thrown together on a whim. Just one bit of advice - I'd make sure all of your guests like beer. I know I personally can't stand beer and would be a little annoyed if beer were the only option. Maybe have some wine coolers available also.

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