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Do guests really want wedding favors?

Raven, on June 8, 2012 at 10:58 AM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 39
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Hey All- So I'm having a pretty nice wedding but I'm trying to keep it under a certain budget of course. Do you think guests really want party favors? Do you think they notice if there aren't any on the tables? I have been to several weddings and I don't think I remember the party favors. If I take them home, I normally throw them in a corner somewhere and never look at them. I think not having party favors may be a way of saving money for something else in the wedding. Thoughts?


  • Lucky me
    Master June 2013
    Lucky me ·

    No favors.

  • T
    VIP July 2012
    Tiny Dancer ·

    They don't usually… but then there's my mom. She just can't wrap her head around not offering something at the table. I wasn't going to do favors at the tables. What I am doing is getting personalized pens with our names & wedding date on them ($60 for 250) and putting them out with the guest book so guests can sign and steal a pen. I also have mad libs & other games in my program so pens are necessary. I figured that was enough of a gift… but alas, I think they might get a tin of mints as well~

  • Just Reenski
    Master December 2012
    Just Reenski ·

    Welcome WW Raven! To answer your question, no, I don't think people want random trinkets from a wedding. The most popular favors are edible -- a candy buffet, cookies, that sort of thing. However, if you choose not to do favors at all, that's okay, too.

    I hope you'll stick around the boards, there are lots of really helpful ladies and gentlemen on here. Be sure to update your avatar so we remember you in future posts! Here's how to do that and more: https://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-forums/new-to-the-weddingwire-forums-please-read-before-you-post/b433c40c1a62b96a.html

  • Maci
    VIP October 2013
    Maci ·

    I wouldn't worry about favors. A lot of the times brides buy favors that they think guest will like and they get thrown away. I think if you do decide on a favor make it an edible one.

  • Carole M (a.k.a "old tart")
    Master October 2011
    Carole M (a.k.a "old tart") ·

    This is another one of those cultural/regional/family differences issues. In our family and culture it is expected. However, if it does not work for you, you need to do what is best for your wedding budget.

  • Cavan
    VIP January 2012
    Cavan ·

    I like to receive favors and do notice when weddings don't have them. They don't have to be fancy though.

  • Raven
    Expert August 2013
    Raven ·

    Thanks for all the advice!! And thanks Reenski for the welcome and advice on the avatar!

  • HoundMama
    VIP May 2013
    HoundMama ·

    No. They want food and booze. If they do want favors, my experience has been that it's usually food and booze they can take home.

  • Lindsala
    Super June 2013
    Lindsala ·

    I don't know on one hand its like I really don't want a cookie or something thats nothing...but there are things you can get for cheap that are little and I guess its the thought that counts.

  • Just Reenski
    Master December 2012
    Just Reenski ·

    @Raven -- that's a gorgeous bouquet in your avatar, is it your inspiration? Is purple one of your colors?

  • Raven
    Expert August 2013
    Raven ·

    Yes, that's my inspiration. My colors are tutti frutti (similar to fushia), lilac, and silver. I'm having an outside wedding ceremony and inside reception at Lansdowne Resort in Va. Unfortunately, the wedding isn't until 2013!! And I can't wait! lol

  • Iris
    Master February 2014
    Iris ·

    We arent having favors persay, but since our reception is masquerade themed, we are making masks for each guest - buying them premade is about 2x as expensive than handmaking. Anyway, so going with the theme, the guests have to wear them (stated on our WW website), & it's like a trinket they can take home if they choose to.

    If you are worried about favors, perhaps go along those lines & do something to match the reception theme? Easiest thing tho is candy, people will munch on it I they dont have to take home

  • Mrs. M fka Sami B
    Master June 2012
    Mrs. M fka Sami B ·

    I added favors at the very last minute (about 2 weeks before) they were adorable bud vases that held the name card for each person's table assignment (which some people ignored anyway). About half of them were left behind at the end of the night. They looked ridiculoulsly awesome though and added even more flowers to my tables so now I just have one more thing to sell on wedding bee post-honeymoon.

  • Celia Milton
    July 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    I wouldn't honesty want anything with someone else's wedding date on it....

  • Mrs. M fka Sami B
    Master June 2012
    Mrs. M fka Sami B ·

    @Raven D. I think I've had work trainings at your wedding location, they've really spruced the place up, looks wonderful!

  • Raven
    Expert August 2013
    Raven ·

    Thanks Mrs. Fka. Yea. It's an amazing location!

  • FallBride
    Super October 2012
    FallBride ·

    What an excellent question.

    I have only been to a few weddings, and God know what they used as favors because I cannot remember lol

    I am on the fence about favors, on one hand I do want to give guests something. On the other hand, I don't want to give them something useless, that they will throw away the first chance they get lol

    So I am leaning more towards something edible, maybe some cookies or peruvian pastries (yes, I am from Peru ;D )

    With that being said, do we expect guests to eat their favors as soon as they get to the table? lol

  • Raven
    Expert August 2013
    Raven ·

    Lol..good question fallbride

  • M
    Just Said Yes July 2013
    Maddy ·

    I say no need unless you do some type of food item like a candy or dessert bar. If you are looking to save some money, you can do a combo of candy and dessert bar. You would have your catering company incorporate a few different dessert options and possibly 2-3 candy options. My friend did this for her wedding and it was a hit versus individual favors. Found this one, very cute!


  • Kathy
    Master July 2010
    Kathy ·

    No, to favors, unless it is something edible, and even then, I find them pointless. As Celia said, the last think that I want is a trinket with someone elses name and wedding date on it.

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