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dj - wanted songs playlists

Lafuturaseñora, on February 12, 2019 at 10:55 AM Posted in Planning 0 7
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Hi fellow planners 👋 I was wondering if you guys made lists of the songs you want at the reception and if you made playlists to give to the DJ so they know , and what did you use i.e. YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud playlist.


  • Summerbride77
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    Our DJ has a huge guide we fill you, you just lost the song and the artist of any must play songs (or don’t play)
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  • Cristy
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    Instead of giving the DJ a list of songs, we're giving him lists of: 1. our favorite bands; 2. the general vibe we want for the reception music; 3. do not play songs and bands.

    I do have a small list of specific songs that I want to make sure get played. But our DJ is very experienced, and he knows how to keep the party going. So, within those parameters, I'm leaving it up to him.

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  • Sarah
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    Sarah ·
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    Trust 👏🏻 Your 👏🏻 DJ! 👏🏻

    A good dj will know how to keep your dance floor moving and will ask you about your general music tastes to make sure they aren’t on the wrong track. They’ll ask you for the specific songs you want for first dance, parent dances, etc, and should also ask you for any “must play” or “do not play” songs, but you shouldn’t have to worry about making a playlist for the reception. That’s their job! Smiley smile
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  • W
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    I provide my DJ a list of songs that I wanted reception procession, first dance, father daughter, mother son. For the rest of the songs, I provided him songs - and band I like. I also provided songs that I hate, for I the do not play list.
    After speaking to my DJ - I felt completely comfortable with his expertise & said, you are the expert, you know how to read a crowd - besides the above specific songs you call the songs as you see fit.
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  • Laura
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    Laura ·
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    I will be, and also a list of artists to NOT play. i'm no bridezilla, but I want music my fiancee and I want, so modern garbage, 80's, classic rock, and some country. That's it

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    Dedicated May 2019
    EMILY ·
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    Our dj is actually a really good friend of ours, soon to be hubby is a karaoke DJ. They usually ask for specific songs for specific things but I urge you to trust your dj. Request some songs and give a few minor guidelines. We shared a playlist of songs we wanted to hear, but it's about 12 songs. DJs know how to read the room and figure out what is best to play, using some guidelines they talk over with you before hand.
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  • Kayla
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    Kayla ·
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    We will just give the dj a list of our "event songs" ( grand entrance, first dance, parent dance, bouquet/garter toss, ect.) And a list of likes and dis-likes and general vibe we are going for and let them to their thing
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