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Destination weddings

hi_bride, on December 6, 2017 at 11:39 PM Posted in Planning

Those of you doing destination weddings, what are your plans other than the actual wedding? Do you have other events scheduled?

I'm from Hawaii but I live in Washington where FH is from. We are getting married in Hawaii so it's semi destination. His friends are asking how long we will be there and if there are any other events during the week of the wedding. I've been pretty wrapped up in the planning for the day of that I haven't even begun to think about planning other events for the week!

Anyone have any good suggestions?!



  • L
    Just Said Yes March 2018
    Laura ·

    We are doing a destination wedding in Belize. We are doing a welcome party with hosted drinks two days before, a dinner the night before for immediate family and wedding party, and a hangover brunch the morning after the wedding. Outside of that we plan to spend our time are the resort and just hangout with our guests and they can choose what other excursions or activities they want to do. People seem excited about the blend of pre-planned events and free time.

  • hi_bride
    Dedicated October 2018
    hi_bride ·

    Sounds like fun Laura! Are you guys planning to host the brunch?

  • muriel
    Champion June 2018
    muriel ·

    I would tell them there are no other planned events but refer them to your website for ideas for activities and attractions they might wish to enjoy.

  • Jesca
    Dedicated March 2018
    Jesca ·

    I'm having a destination wedding, but I'm not planning any other events. I do have a list of "things to do" on the islands listed on my website.

  • L
    Just Said Yes March 2018
    Laura ·

    @hi_bride Yes, we are hosting the brunch. We felt that if we planned the event we needed to host it and we really liked the idea of having a brunch with everyone.

  • Leila
    Super October 2017
    Leila ·

    For my DW inMexico we had a welcome dinner the day before and a group excursion the day after the wedding .

  • J
    Beginner June 2018
    Jenn ·

    We are having a DW in Mexico. We are having a welcome dinner for everyone the night before the wedding with and open bar. We have set up an optional event for people to register themselves for. It's a golf cart scavenger hunt that goes all over the island and it's about $30 a person. We aren't paying for anyone and have made it clear it's not required by any means, but, people are excited about it and we have had a lot sign up so far!

  • hi_bride
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    hi_bride ·

    Thanks for your input everyone! You guys all have some nice ideas.

    Becca: I thought the rehearsal dinner was for immediate family and people who are in the wedding party. Is there an expectation that OOT guests be invited?

  • cantwait4thedate
    VIP November 2017
    cantwait4thedate ·

    I disagree that you need to invite all OOT guests to the rehearsal dinner. You are doing a DW so everyone will basically be OOT, so that is basically a pre-wedding reception, which could be a TON of money.

  • Rachel
    Super May 2018
    Rachel ·

    We are doing a couple several things for our DW in Spain.

    Monday: Going out for drinks with friends that are local/ come early to Madrid. - (not hosted by us, just letting eveybody know we will be at X bar and X time.)

    Tuesday: Providing transportation for guests from Madrid to our venue/ the city we are getting married in. (Paid by us) Hosting a very casual welcome dinner (paid by FH's parents).

    Wednesday: Providing options for guests to participate in. 1. would be horseback riding through the mountains or 2. going on a tour of a local medieval town. Neither will be paid by us, are not required, but we are helping organize, along with our coordinator.

    Thursday: Wedding day

    Friday: Goodbye brunch (Hosted by us/ is included in our package for the wedding).

    It was really really important to me to host our guests really well since everybody will be traveling significant distance to celebrate with us, and for many of my guests, it will be the first time they are out of the country, and I am really excited to help them experience Spain.

  • Soon2bMrsG
    Savvy February 2018
    Soon2bMrsG ·

    I have a winter DW. I've planned a welcome dinner for everyone that we are providing, and a leisurely brunch the morning after the wedding. Otherwise, or guests are free to do other activities as they choose. There are tons of free or really cheap activities through the venue, so im not worried.

  • Janel
    Super September 2018
    Janel ·

    I went to a DW in Barbados where there was a catamaran tour which was fun- the B&G put an eventbrite link to the company that was putting it on and people paid individually; we also went on a rum tour to Mt Gay -- the B&G paid for transportation to/from the hotel but the admission fee

  • Elizabeth
    Master December 2016
    Elizabeth ·

    You are required to host the wedding party and their significant others at the rehearsal dinner (if you have a rehearsal). If you have a flower girl or groomsmen or junior bridesmaids, you are required to invite their parents to accompany them. You are also required to invite your parents if they are in the wedding and were at the rehearsal (and the dates of your parents if they're divorced).

    While not required, it is a very nice gesture to invite everyone and call it a welcome dinner rather than rehearsal dinner for a DW.

    We had a welcome dinner with everyone invited where we served a very nice buffet and open bar the night before. Then we had the wedding, then a farewell breakfast. Cost a lot but it was worth it and every guest was invited to every event.

  • Beachy
    VIP November 2017
    Beachy ·

    We didn't have a rehearsal but we had a dinner. DHs parents insisted. We had meals with random people and by the time everything was over I was exhausted from doing too much.

  • J. Clo
    Master May 2018
    J. Clo ·

    We are doing a welcome party and farewell brunch also

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