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Caribbean honeymoon

Cassidy, on September 19, 2017 at 3:26 PM Posted in Honeymoon 1 19
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How can anyone plan a Caribbean honeymoon when the islands are devastated?

I know they clean up tourism quick- but some of the islands were hit not once but twice by category 4 or 5 hurricanes. Right next to each other and have lost power. Everything gone. How do you know the island will be up and running? I don't have full faith that they will.


  • Megan
    Expert September 2017
    Megan ·

    By October? I would look elsewhere if you are trying to go then.

  • JSull
    Master October 2017
    JSull ·

    We have a cruise booked. We'll be rerouted. Not sure where but we are in for an adventure!

    Do you already have something booked?

  • Holly
    Beginner October 2017
    Holly ·

    Trip insurance. A good travel agent. A back up plan.

    And wine. Lots of wine.

  • JennV
    Master October 2017
    JennV ·

    Barbados is far enough south it wasn't impacted by the hurricanes. Definitely do some research but Aruba and Mexico are two locations you can go to without worrying about hurricanes as well.

  • Hannah
    Super August 2017
    Hannah ·

    Pick a place that wasn't impacted and get travel insurance.

  • N
    Devoted October 2017
    Nats ·

    We have insurance. Our island hasn't been hit yet, but if something happens we'll just do something more local and relax. The islands that have been hit directly will take months to recover.

    Generally the Windward Islands are less likely to be hit by hurricanes. Also look into the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao), as they're outside the hurricane belt and rarely get impacted.

  • BecomingMrsOz
    VIP November 2017
    BecomingMrsOz ·

    As other pp have said, trip insurance and back up plan.

    If you have already booked and didn't have travel insurance, it may be too late. They won't let you purchase it after a storm has been named.

  • OGbride
    Dedicated October 2017
    OGbride ·

    We are going on a cruise that was originally going to visit St Thomas, Puerto Rico, and one of the cruise islands. St Thomas has been replaced as a destination and who knows what will happen to PR. Stuff happens I guess! It'll still be a great escape no matter what. But I will say that it doesn't look like a quick bounce back will happen for many of the islands.

  • txncdelphia
    Devoted November 2018
    txncdelphia ·

    I would disagree with previous posters about Mexico being hurricane safe. Both sides of Mexico (Baja and Mainland) do have the possibility of getting hurricanes. Cabo was devastated by hurricane Newton in 2016. There has been some bad hurricanes near Cancun for example Hurricane Wilma. They also had tropical storm Franklin earlier this year. The Yucatan does not get hurricanes at the rate that the USA and the northern Caribbean does. I do not think it accurate to call them "safe" destinations during hurricane seasons.

    I would agree with fellow posters that the ABC islands tend to be safe from hurricane because they are so far south. You could also look into Hawaii.

    You could wait till the follow year January-March to go on a honeymoon. If you live somewhere cold you might appreciate the break from the snow at home.

  • Chelsey
    Dedicated November 2017
    Chelsey ·

    So, the popular tourist places get cleaned up quickly. Call and see what the status is. If you booked through a company you'll likely be able to swap hotels. It just happened to my coworker and she's on her trip now.

  • Cassidy
    VIP October 2017
    Cassidy ·

    I'm not going on one I just don't know how so many of you are still planning on this

    Super October 2017
    SAK2SAH ·

    Aruba is good and off the hurricane trail, for the most part

  • Teresa
    Super September 2017
    Teresa ·

    I think some of the ports are closed still depending on the cruise line (maybe?). I was looking for a Disney cruise (son's bday) and they had a list on their website of the ports that are still closed.

  • MoreMoore
    VIP November 2017
    MoreMoore ·

    We were booked to go to Puerto Rico the first week of November. We canceled everything and switched to Maui. Hoping that's a safer bet at this point.

  • Cassidy
    VIP October 2017
    Cassidy ·

    That's what I would do

  • Janel
    Super September 2018
    Janel ·

    Just make sure you get travel insurance. Hurricane season is approx June through November and you just never know. We attended a Sept wedding in Barbados last year and a tropical storm shut down the airport and delayed our flight one day. Luckily, our layover was in Miami - not the worst place to get stuck!

  • S. Suarez
    Super March 2018
    S. Suarez ·

    FH & I were talking about this today. We were looking into going to the US Virgin Islands, but that's out of the picture. We've decided on talking to a travel agent since we want to go somewhere tropical. I also took time off to visit Puerto Rico to be with family & relax in February, but who knows what'll happen after the storm. Praying our little island takes Maria well

  • Ashley
    VIP May 2018
    Ashley ·

    Get travel insurance in your planning a trip during hurricane season. Like get it ASAP. So important. Airlines don't have to refund you and many hotels charge your xtra nights when you're STUCK and there's nothing you can do. Some hotels charge 400 a night

  • OldSchoolKindaLove
    Devoted September 2018
    OldSchoolKindaLove ·

    We chose to go to Aruba in October and I am purchasing the Travel insurance just in case. My best friend and her husband went to Punta Canta in June this year and said it was beautiful there. Wishing everyone the best!

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