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Can I see your flower girl baskets??

Chantel, on March 17, 2014 at 4:02 PM Posted in Planning 0 27
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For some reason, it just hit me like a ton of bricks that I have forgotten all about my FG needing a basket. (duh) Can I see what some of you are using?? The ones I have seen so far look too big and bulky for my daughter!


  • Lora
    Super April 2014
    Lora ·

    I made mine! I don't like the look of the ones you buy in stores. They always kind of look cheap to me for some reason.

  • Kendra
    Super September 2014
    Kendra ·

    I just bought these of the WW FB group where people resell their wedding items!! Super excited

  • SupermanBride
    Master October 2014
    SupermanBride ·

    My Aunt made this last weekend.

    SO in love with it!

  • Kaegurl
    Master June 2014
    Kaegurl ·

    I was going to purchase a basket, but our flower girl will just hold a bouquet of flowers. lol

  • S
    VIP October 2014
    SoontobeMrsGlover ·

    Im purchasing mine from Laudie thru the WW FB group. Im too excited, cant wait to post pics, Laudie, if u around, post for me!! LOL

  • Wendy
    Super August 2014
    Wendy ·

    Some friends helped me decorate mine- it cost $2.39 for everything!

  • Becky
    Super September 2014
    Becky ·

    Here is ours. My daughter loves it and BunBun fits nicely

  • Chantel
    Master May 2014
    Chantel ·

    Aww these baskets are awesome. I wish I could stomach FB again to join that group, seems like I could find some good stuff. Supermanbride, that basket is awesome.

  • JoBu
    Master September 2015
    JoBu ·

    My FG is just going to carry a pommander ball!

  • Mrs. S2B
    Savvy August 2014
    Mrs. S2B ·

    Here is mine. It was made for us by FMIL's friend.

  • A
    Master April 2014
    Aleykit* ·

    My FG's will be carrying these:

  • A
    Master April 2014
    Aleykit* ·

    Ugh, sorry for the triple post! :-/

  • ItsGoodToBeKing
    Master February 2014
    ItsGoodToBeKing ·

    I just went to Ben Franklin's and found a woven basket for $6

  • Jackie
    Super April 2014
    Jackie ·

    @Wendy how did you make that??? SO awesome!

  • Chantel
    Master May 2014
    Chantel ·

    Mrs. King what is Ben Franklins? Like a hobby lobby or Ross?

  • SupermanBride
    Master October 2014
    SupermanBride ·

    Thank you!

    Just make a super private FB for the sole purpose to join the group!

  • Chantel
    Master May 2014
    Chantel ·

    I think i will have to do that! Whats the link to the grpup?

  • mscountry
    Master July 2014
    mscountry ·

    Here's mine. I wanted the old fashioned look.

  • Kelly
    Devoted April 2014
    Kelly ·

    Our flower girl basket and ring bearer box. I realize people are tired of burlap but I put a lot of time into them ;P

  • Future Mrs. Pichon
    Super September 2014
    Future Mrs. Pichon ·

    Kelly- I think those are super cute! I'm not tired of burlap

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