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Can I see your FH's Ring?

Leesha, on November 7, 2014 at 4:54 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 52
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I am seriously having the hardest time picking out a ring for my FH. He told me that he dosent want to have any say in his ring, and wants me to pick it so it will be more special. I am ok with that, because i SOMEWHAT have an idea on what he likes.... But i cannot decide. Did your FH pick his ring? Can i see a picture?


  • C
    Master June 2015
    ChampagneDream ·

    Totally his choice. Luckily, he's got great taste!! I love it on him. It's white tungsten which I think looks great against his darker skin.

  • JaKLyn
    Master November 2015
    JaKLyn ·

    He's trying to narrow it down to at least give me an idea of what he wants. That way he still won't know for sure what he's getting but I'll have peace of mind that he'll like it.

    ETA: so far my FH has looked at everything from some blue ring, to copper, to deer antler to tungsten. He's all over the place.

  • Alyssa
    Master April 2015
    Alyssa ·

    We went together to pick his ring out, and I let him have the final decision.

  • Alyssa
    Master April 2015
    Alyssa ·

    @champagne, omg they look literally the same, hahaha. but FH's is white gold.

  • OG Mrs.K (2.0)
    Master September 2014
    OG Mrs.K (2.0) ·


  • Lacey
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    Lacey ·


  • Rachel
    Super August 2015
    Rachel ·

    FH picked this one out and because of his job I wasn't sure he would even wear one so I was very happy that he had picked one out at all. This one actually fits him very well.

  • Ashley
    VIP May 2015
    Ashley ·

    Its titanium with a white gold inlay to match my white gold.

    ETA: His is the polished type.

  • JustMarried'14
    Master September 2014
    JustMarried'14 ·

    We went with a traditional 10k, 6mm Gold comfort fit band. Plain and simple but also sort of LOTR-ish. He had a very big say in the ring. He didn't ask for the say, but I asked him for the help. He went with me and tried on a few different styles and metals. I am so glad I asked him for his input, because I would have picked a very different ring on my own.

  • Kylene
    VIP October 2014
    Kylene ·

    Those are black diamonds on the sides as well.

  • LadyMonk
    Master September 2014
    LadyMonk ·

    Here's his.

  • Munashi
    Super October 2014
    Munashi ·

    DH picked his. I was with him, but I wanted him to choose. (Sorry, I only have a pic of all of our rings, so mine is in there too)

  • Mrs. Hunnibear
    Master October 2015
    Mrs. Hunnibear ·

    We chose together dont mind the bridal set lol

  • Angie
    Super December 2014
    Angie ·

    We're getting him a plain, platinum, comfort-fit band. Probably around 5mm.

  • Maritza
    Master April 2015
    Maritza ·

    I picked it out! He loves it!

  • Finally mrs.jkr
    Master June 2015
    Finally mrs.jkr ·

    Comfort fit 10K comfort fit white gold band.... not sure on the mm.... the only suggestion I gave was to have it be gold so it can get cut off in worst case scenario (even though I know about the string trick, but I still don't want to chance it).

    He asked the jewelry salseperson some questions and ended up picking it out on this own, he even got the 10k because he liked that our metals will match lol!

  • Mrs. Hunnibear
    Master October 2015
    Mrs. Hunnibear ·

    Thank you I was really surprised he wanted something like that I thought it was going to be something just simple and classic lol Good luck!

  • ValZtoB
    Master March 2015
    ValZtoB ·

    This is the ring FH chose.

  • Mandigurl
    Super July 2015
    Mandigurl ·

    This is FH choice. It's about $300

  • Finally mrs.jkr
    Master June 2015
    Finally mrs.jkr ·

    FH's ring was about 300, but we got a coupon that made our 300 dollar purchase $100 off. Our saleslady kind of cheated since it was supposed to be used next time, but she let us use it this time.

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