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Calling All OCTOBER 2013 Brides!

ECM, on October 1, 2013 at 7:31 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 34
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It's finally your month! Woohoo!

So, are you ready to say, "I do" or do you still need to tie up a few loose ends?


  • AshleyG2013
    Devoted October 2013
    AshleyG2013 ·

    Still got a few things to do, not anything too bad though. Little things. I told my boss it was my wedding month and that I would be reminding him everyday. Even on my days off lol.

  • Out the Window
    Master May 2014
    Out the Window ·

    Whoop whoop!!! Congrats to all you ladies!!!!

  • Mrs. Katie J
    Super October 2013
    Mrs. Katie J ·

    My To-Do List is officially down to one page, front and back!! LOL

    11 days to go and I need to put my wedding game face on!!!

    This is starting to feel surreal.........I'm going to be somebodies WIFE very soon!!!

  • May
    VIP October 2013
    May ·

    Loose ends, loose ends! Ah!

  • kt2of3
    VIP October 2013
    kt2of3 ·

    Handful of little things. I really do need to make a list...

  • AndreaLily
    Master October 2013
    AndreaLily ·

    I am sooo ready to say I DO!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy!! I woke up at 5am this morning and felt like a 12 year old school girl I woke up FH and kept saying "it's wedding month! it's wedding month!" I can't believe it's finally here!!!

    I have a few things, send the DJ my final song list which I'm doing today. Have my final convo with the photographer...start hassling people on the 3rd who haven't RSVPd and then have my final fitting!!

  • HalloweenBride
    Master October 2013
    HalloweenBride ·

    Still have a few things to do, like hunt down people for RSVPs - including my SISTER! Who promised she'd send it in when I told her I didn't care if I knew she was coming I put stamps on it!

    I am ready has been longer hours and I'm so exhausted.

  • ECM
    Master November 2013
    ECM ·

    @Katie Wedding game face! Hahah Love it!

  • Lindy13
    Super October 2013
    Lindy13 ·

    10 days to go and still have a few loose ends...most of which need to get done today and tomorrow! We meet with the venue on thursday and have to drop off a lot of the stuff for the day of!

  • TheNewMrsT
    VIP October 2013
    TheNewMrsT ·

    I am beyond ready to say I DO!!!! YAY, its our wedding month!!!!

    14 more work days, 22 until were on the plane and 25 until the big day!!!!!

  • MistysoontobeBell
    Master October 2013
    MistysoontobeBell ·

    A few DIY projects to do. Not to much thank goodness. Hope all my month twins are getting everything they need done. Good luck!!!

  • Joanna G
    VIP October 2013
    Joanna G ·

    4 days to go for me! Last day at work today as then some last minute to dos!

  • Jennifer
    Super October 2013
    Jennifer ·

    I'm beyond ready to be married but I have quite a big "to-do" list to still get done!

  • Belais
    VIP October 2013
    Belais ·

    Generally speaking, definitely ready.

    To do list speaking, need some more time! 11 days! Still have to pick out music, do the programs, finish the DIY guestbook, wrap BP gifts, etc.

  • Glenda
    Master October 2013
    Glenda ·

    I still have 3.5 weeks before we get on the plane -- and I need it!

  • AndreaLily
    Master October 2013
    AndreaLily ·

    Gahh I just realized I only have 14 more work days left and 20 days before I begin my 3 week long vacation from work!!! I can't wait for that final day!!!!

  • kysweetheart
    Super October 2013
    kysweetheart ·

    Several loose i'll make it! first thought this morning: OMG! I ONLY HAVE 25 DAYS LEFT!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  • Laudie
    Master October 2013
    Laudie ·

    Definitely loose ends but I'm also ready!!! I can't believe it's October!! EEEEEEK!

  • Michelle
    Dedicated October 2013
    Michelle ·

    OMG 4 more days! Wedding Month is here!!!!! I still have seating issues to work out. Then it's mani, pedi, bubble bath, and I DO!

  • MrsGC
    Super October 2013
    MrsGC ·

    Definitely loose ends, but I think I'll have some loose ends up until the day before. Even though I feel I've been ahead of the game...there is always something else that needs to be done! We have a meeting with the venue tonight and then tomorrow the photographer and DJ. Next week videographer. I hope to finish most crafty things this week.

    FH and I are so busy the next couple of weekends with Non-wedding related things (birthday parties, football games, etc)

    25 freaking days. How is that possible!?!

    On saturday I will be able to say..."We are getting married in 3 weeks" Its just insane!

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