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Cake simple vs. detailed

FFW, on January 20, 2016 at 6:17 PM Posted in Planning 1 77
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Did you go with a simple cake or a more detailed design? Was there is a reason why you choose one over the other? If so, what was the reason?

I ask because I emailed our bakery early today, now that we are almost 6 month out they want to know what cake we want, design, etc. Pretty much the base price is $2 per serving, and then increases as you add layers (which are different from tiers) and design. So my initial thought was keep it simple and cost lower. Go with a basic design and they will add this gold stuff (pictured) for only $50. But if we get designs we are looking at $100-$150 per tier for more detail. But I'd like to survey what others did.


  • S&J
    Master August 2017
    S&J ·

    I love the cake in picture. It's simple, elegant, and the gold makes it pop. I love gold accented anything lol

  • Christina
    Master October 2015
    Christina ·

    Relatively simple for mine. More people are interested in what's inside the cake! Lol. I love that gold though! Maybe just add some flowers (from a craft store) and they can add it. Eta: I didn't notice the flower on the inspiration pic! Looks beautiful!

  • Alyson
    Expert May 2017
    Alyson ·

    That cake is awesome. I don't think it looks simple at all

  • Christina
    Master October 2015
    Christina ·

    Picture to show. My florist had leftover flowers so she added the embellishment around the cake just because lol.

  • A&T1216
    Super December 2016
    A&T1216 ·

    I think that cake looks very elegant. I don't think it is basic at all.

  • Jana
    Super April 2016
    Jana ·

    I love simple cakes that taste wow!!! I do not like fondant, but that is just my personal opinion. I want cake that I can eat. @Christina I love your cake!

  • Courtney
    VIP June 2016
    Courtney ·

    We will be doing a simple, two tiered cake with flowers and then have sheet cake in the kitchen to cut and serve to guests

  • Mrs. Winosaurusrex
    Master June 2016
    Mrs. Winosaurusrex ·

    Here is mine. It's being recreated and they're making sugar flowers to match my bouquet. They are also hand making the lace and sea stars ect from fondant and gum paste. The entire thing including cake stand and delivered is $330. It only feeds about 30 which is fine we wanted it more for a cutting cake since we're having a dessert bar.

  • FFW
    Master August 2016
    FFW ·

    @S&J I love gold too. Pretty sure I need to rent a gold cake stand just like that one.

  • FFW
    Master August 2016
    FFW ·

    @stacey yours is very detailed. Another thing about too much detail it scares me that it wouldn't come out like the picture and it would be disappointing on the day of.

  • S&J
    Master August 2017
    S&J ·

    Agreed. Check hobby lobby, etsy, and Amazon too, you may find the gold stand for cheap.

  • Jessi
    VIP October 2015
    Jessi ·

    We went with a relatively simple design. I've always cared more about how a cake tastes than how it looks, anyway, so it really didn't make sense to spend more for a more complicated design.

  • annakay511
    Master July 2015
    annakay511 ·

    I think our cake was relatively simple, although it does have some design on it (swirly design and dots). However, the price was based on type of icing and nothing else so the design was based purely on what I liked!

  • Ostrichka
    VIP February 2016
    Ostrichka ·

    Cake is a big splurge for me because I really want a showstopper, modern and custom cake. So I'd say go for the detail. As long as taste is top notch, cake art ftw!

  • Mrs. Winosaurusrex
    Master June 2016
    Mrs. Winosaurusrex ·

    @ffw i was worried about that but I've seen the cakes these guys do and mine is relatively simple compared to what I've seen them do.

    We wanted something deceptively simple, it's when you really look at it you see how detailed it is, we're hoping it will be a WOW piece at our wedding, even if it is small....

  • Jersey
    Master November 2016
    Jersey ·

    We are going simple.

    Reason: Money.

    I don't like cake so I picked a reputable baker (recommended by Celia) and went with their most simple design. As long as it tastes good for my guests, I don't really care how it's decorated.

  • ashley
    Master November 2015
    ashley ·

    Mine was pretty simple, only $200 because my best friends aunt was the baker

  • FutureMrsM
    Super July 2018
    FutureMrsM ·

    The cake pictured is absolutely gorgeous. I'm doing cupcakes though

  • LizzyC
    Master April 2016
    LizzyC ·

    Relatively simple for me, the accents will be fresh florals. Reason is primarily money, and I'm a simple girl lol. These are my inspiration. I think yours with that gold would look gorgeous!

  • MNA
    Master April 2018
    MNA ·

    At both places we're considering, we get a fairly basic, but beautiful, fondant cake included, 2 tiers. I'm going to ask about a few customizations, but overall, we're happy with not spending extra on it.

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