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Budget Woes

Chrissy, on May 22, 2013 at 8:47 PM Posted in Planning 0 10
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I'm sure everyone gets like this at some point in planning, but I just feel like we're crazy and can't afford all of this. FH found out he is not getting a grant we were expected. We didn't count on that specifically in our budget, but were hoping it'd help with the honeymoon/other expenses. Now I'm starting to worry about money overall and how we'll pay for everything. We have birthdays and Christmas before the wedding, which will help, but I just want to know money things now. Also, we've booked most of our major things, so while we're looking at how we can cut down our budget, it's not like we have any major areas we can adjust. Plus, I feel so ungrateful for the money his parents are providing and horrible for sharing with my mom. I know she wishes she could give more, but can't right now. I'm sure a lot of it is me overreacting, but he's out of town and I just needed to vent. Thanks for listening. Now I have a date with some ice cream and my dachshund.


  • Shannon
    Master August 2013
    Shannon ·

    If you haven't sent Save the Dates yet the easiest most effective way to cut your budget is to cut the guest list. I'm sure you will work it all out. Enjoy your ice cream

  • Barbara
    Master September 2014
    Barbara ·

    Hang in there! Uncertainty is sometimes even worse than knowing bad news outright.

  • Katie
    Expert October 2013
    Katie ·

    I have freaked out over the budget and money so many times. FH being out of work for four months with back surgery convinced me we would never save enough. Turns out, I budgeted high for several items. Things will be ok! Take it one step at a time. Sometimes trying to look at everything is unnecessarily overwhelming.

  • Cougar
    Expert June 2013
    Cougar ·

    Thinking I had 16 months to plan a wedding we were taking our time knowing that we could pay things off as we went, well the wedding has been moved up 1 year and now I'm having major panic attacks. Thankfully I already have my dress and a couple of other things, but we will be just making do with what we can pull off in 3 1/2 weeks..

  • TooManyMistys
    Master June 2014
    TooManyMistys ·

    I am nervous... Last year FH said just set a date and we will make it happen. So I did for October but it just didn't feel right. I had a lot of health issues and was out of work, and then our car started having problems. It just looked more and more like it wasn't going to happen. So I decided to move the date to June 2014 instead. I felt a million times better.

    However, aside from what we are saving now we won't have the mass of what we are spending until February around tax time so hoping all goes well lol. So yes, I get nervous. If anything happens again, we are just eloping and I am done.

  • April
    Devoted August 2013
    April ·

    I don't know how soon your wedding is or what your have done.. but we did our invites,save the dates and response cards for under 50 dollars that for 130 invites.. our flower girl dresses are from ebay.. new for 20 dollars.

  • Almost Mrs. White
    Master September 2019
    Almost Mrs. White ·

    Trust me I'm in your shoes too. My origanal date was for 9/14/13 but I've been paying down a loan amongst so many other finacial pop ups that I got overwhelmed & push our date out for 9/2014. We had to change pretty much everything to a DIY in order to cut cost. As of now maybe 10 ppl know about the wedding & we still have to cut our guest list from 80 pp to at least 40 ppl which has been the hardest part for me. I haven't & won't be able to do any types of deposits until late August 2013. You are not alone when it comes to tight finances but at least you were able to get a jumpstart on a few things. It'll all work out once you step away & come back to it with a fresh mind a pair of eyes. Good luck yo ya'.

  • James Clark
    October 2019
    James Clark ·


    You're wedding isn't until March so that gives you ten months to step back and set up your plan of action. Relax, it can be done.

    First things first is to set up a wedding budget on purpose on paper. gives the national average for various areas and there is a site out there that I cannot recall that breaks it down for your area. If you'll email me, I'll send you a detailed wedding budget you can fill in.

    If income is an issue, you've got time to work a PT job for extra cash that you can stick in your wedding cache.

    Hope this helps,


    P.S. How was the ice cream?

  • Marie
    Super September 2013
    Marie ·

    Just a thought... have you thought about pushing the honeymoon back to another time. That should save some money and stress.

    There are ways to save and cut back - which will not be evident to everyone.

    How many people are you planning for?

    Remember that the important part of the day is you and your FH... saying your vows together and getting married. You can do this and it will all be ok.

  • M
    Savvy July 2012
    meghan ·

    I can relate, which is why I decided to try and do as much as I could on my own. I was able to pull off (What i think) was a pretty good wedding on a shoestring budget. Maybe some of ny ideas could help you cut corners where you may not have thought you could. Hope this helps

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