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Carol, on February 8, 2019 at 6:08 PM Posted in Wedding Attire
Y’all. I haven’t hopped on in MONTHS. Now I’m back because my best friend is getting to the love of her life after almost 10 years. She’s on top of things but so far really doesn’t care what her sister and I wear to the wedding (the only two girls in the bridal party) she just asked that it be a ‘cool’ color, gray, blue, purple, etc.... but said we can wear whatever we want. I’ve attached a stock photo of her dress, I want to compliment her well (and her formality). My only preference is that it have sleeves to cover my chubby arms and it be flattering. I have been brain storming all day, and I’m not sure so I figured I’d go to the ladies on here! I would like to spend $75-150 preferably (cheaper if possibly) but don’t want to go above $200 no matter what!

Any suggestions? What are your bridesmaids wearing with a sexy-glam dress?

ps- the wedding is over the summer!

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  • Tina
    Super March 2020
    Tina Online ·

    What about something like these?

    BHLDN dressBridesmaids Attire 2

    Lace chiffonBridesmaids Attire 3

    Lace long sleeveBridesmaids Attire 4

  • Jacklyn
    Dedicated November 2020
    Jacklyn Online ·
    Do you want a long dress or something tea length?
  • SummerBride77
    Super July 2019
    SummerBride77 ·
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    I really like the first one of these dresses. I found these on azazie:

    Bridesmaids Attire 5

    Bridesmaids Attire 6

    Bridesmaids Attire 7

    Bridesmaids Attire 8
  • Sarah
    Dedicated April 2019
    Sarah ·

    You can try these ones from LULUS.COM. They are all usually under $120. Great options and styles. Bridesmaids Attire 9bridesmaid2Bridesmaids Attire 10bridesmaid3Bridesmaids Attire 11

  • Carol
    Super September 2018
    Carol ·
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    Long is preferred!
  • Jacklyn
    Dedicated November 2020
    Jacklyn Online ·
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    Here are a few options that come in different colors.

    Bridesmaids Attire 12

    Bridesmaids Attire 13

    Bridesmaids Attire 14
  • Carol
    Savvy May 2020
    Carol ·


    What about something like this?

  • Nicole
    Expert November 2018
    Nicole ·

    Check out Birdy Grey - they have lots of convertible dresses in the silver/blue color scheme you've mentioned and all dresses are $99

  • SDsquared323
    Super March 2019
    SDsquared323 ·

    My bridal gown is also a trumpet dress with some lace on it. Our wedding is formal. So I chose a designer with long trumpet gowns and let my ladies choose any design they wanted. While the dress was originally $295 (yikes!!) my ladies found them on ebay and poshmark for under $100. Also, the designer, Katie May, has a sample sale here: I'm not sure if you mean LONG sleeves, but perhaps these cap sleeves could work? Apologies if I'm totally missing the mark for you.

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