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Bridesmaid dress worries

Mike, on April 17, 2013 at 7:22 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 6
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We selected a Bill Levkoff dress at a store but then my bridesmaids found it cheaper online so they decided to order from various sites online. I know this was recommended by friends but a store now made me feel insecure about whether the dresses will be the right color etc. does anyone have experience with this????


  • mrsg
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    When we ordered dresses, stores suggested we wait until everyone had paid and gotten measured because if you order at the same time, they know that the fabric will be exactly the same color. But if you're not that particular about the exact shade, then maybe it won't be a concern?

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  • Trena
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    Their worry is the dye-lot. Because dresses from different dye-lots will have SLIGHTLY varied color. I wouldn't worry too much though. If there is some variation, it will be minimal.

    A couple of my girls had trouble ordering theirs, so they won't be from the same dye lot as the others. I haven't even given it a second thought Smiley smile

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  • DonnaBelle
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    My girls ordered Bari Jay dresses from two different websites online and we did have one problem. Both online stores have physical US locations and are listed on the designer's site as an authorized retailer. Website #1 sent a BM a totally different dress than what she ordered. They acknowledged it was their mistake but still weren't very helpful about how to fix the problem. They wouldn't guarantee her the right dress by the wedding. She ended up ordering the dress again from website #2 and it arrived fine. All of the dresses have now arrived and are the right color despite ordering them at different times from different places.

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  • T & Co
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    Really the bus ordered the 'same dress' from different sites? I am not sure which sites they used, if they used a legitimate site, the only thing you would worry is color. If they used some knockoff site then they would get different materials, different color and possible it is not even the same dress.. So did they find the right site yet? I would ask them to try to find reviews on the site and share that info before someone gets too excited and orders first.

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  • Chrissy
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    I'd love to know, too. Bridal shops talk a ton about dye-lots but it sounds like bs to me. I can't imagine a drastic color difference, but they've still made me nervous.

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  • All Smiles
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    My MOH gowns are Bill Levkoff also and I was going to let them order online since it was cheaper but feared the fabric colors wouldn't match so they ordered from a bridal boutique instead. However one of my friends walked in a wedding where the BP ordered Bari Jay gowns from a bridal salon and on of the gowns came back a slightly different shade than the rest. Of course the guests couldn't tell the difference but the bride noticed.

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