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Brides that wore their hair down..did it stay?

Bride2Be2018, on December 7, 2017 at 9:56 AM Posted in Wedding Attire

I am interested in a style like this....but am concerned about it actually looking good all night. Did anybody do this type of hairstyle and how did you feel about it all night? I know people recommend up dos and half up...but I really feel most beautiful with my hair down. My wedding is in South Florida but the weather end of January is a high of 80s and low of 60s typically so I think the heat and humidity shouldn't be an issue...and my hair holds a curl really well. I'm just concerned about sweating/dancing etc.



  • Heather
    Super April 2018
    Heather ·

    I plan on wearing my hair like that as well! I would recommend doing a hair trial and seeing how long it lasts! My hair lasted all day and when I woke up the next morning my hair was still curled perfectly!

  • He'smarryingmeformycats
    Beginner June 2018
    He'smarryingmeformycats ·

    I'd say go for it... I'm loving that style. It should definitely hold through the ceremony, pictures and the beginning of the reception and that's what really matters. By the end of the night & dancing, your make up is going to fade, someone's bound to step on your dress and your curls will fall some!... but you'll already have gorgeous pictures and you'll have had fun.

  • Emmaline BRIDE
    Emmaline BRIDE ·

    Do it! I love those hairstyles! It will stay, just use lots of hairspray, and don't worry, even hair-up styles will starts to fall after all that dancing by night end

  • Bride2Be2018
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    Bride2Be2018 ·

    @OG your hair still looked pretty though by the end of the night! Very true though really just need it to hold until first dance time and then I guess if it's falls out a little it is what it is.

    @Heather that's a good idea...FH doesn't want to see my hair and makeup trial at all so may have to sleep over my Moms house that night lol!!

  • Bride2Be2018
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    Bride2Be2018 ·

    @OG my hair is pretty long and super thick...but I also have extensions ...I'll bring them to the hair trial and see what she suggests

  • Bride2Be2018
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    Bride2Be2018 ·

    @Olivia I hadn't thought about that...she lives an hour away from my ceremony and there would be a couple hours of a gap in between so not sure how much that would cost. How much is your person charging for this?

  • Adriana
    Expert October 2017
    Adriana ·

    I put my hair up between the ceremony and reception. I found my extension did help hold the curl through the ceremony, as I wanted to minimize how much hair spray I used so I could redo it. I also did my own hair so I didn't really need to worry about the expense of having someone come and redo it tho.

  • JSull
    Master October 2017
    JSull ·

    I wore my hair down and curly and it stayed perfectly. I had extensions as well

  • Bethyonce
    Master February 2015
    Bethyonce ·

    Mine held all night but, we are in CA and it was in February.

    If your hair holds a curl well, talk with your stylist about the best cut to hold the style you want. If you need layers to keep thick long curls, plan now.

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