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Brides that postponed to 2021!

Amanda, on October 2, 2020 at 10:40 AM Posted in Planning 0 2
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Hello all brides that were supposed to be married this year!

I like many others had postponed my wedding twice this year and than finally to next June. I know it is still far off and a lot can change, but i have this fear that we will still be like this next year and this all would have been for nothing. Does anyone else feel this way? I sympathize with everyone that has had covid, but I do feel a little sad knowing that I might not be able to have my dream wedding like all the brides before us. We have been engaged 3 years and we really do not want to postpone until 2022. But here in Mass we cant even have a dance floor (and my dj wanted his payment in full on our original date). Any other brides feeling any anxiety about next summer that moved? Hope we can help eachother out!


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    I'm in CT but our wedding is in the South. I am most worried about travel restrictions for our guests coming back after the wedding. I am not as worried about restrictions where we are getting married, but unfortunately that depends on your location. I'm glad I'm not planning a wedding up here.

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    This was my concern too. I already postponed once, if I postponed again when would even be safe?! I just decided to go ahead with getting married with a smaller guest count and covid restrictions because I couldn't deal anymore with the postponement and replanning game. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind but was wonderful and I'm so happy to be married 💞
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