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Boston Honeymoon

Heather, on February 27, 2018 at 10:54 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 4
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My FH and I have decided to rethink our original honeymoon plans to save money and now we’re considering going to Boston. I’ve been before but it’s been a very long time. What are the must see places and things to do? At this point we’re planning to drive, so nearby cities are also an option. We will probably be there about a week (obviously still in the planning part of this) in June. Thanks for any suggestions!


  • Malari
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    Malari ·
    Definitely do a duck boat tour. It's great to see the city and fun!! Most also include a tour of Harvard as well. Go to Copley square, go to the Boston Commons, bunker hill monument in Cambridge, go to Quincy market at Faneuil hall, take a drive to Salem (less than half hour) and go the witch museum, tour Fenway park, natural history museum, aquarium. The north end has the best Italian and Irish food. If you want to take a day trip, the cape is a great place to go. Inland day trip, Sturbridge is cool. It has an old colonial town year round. Legal Sea Food is awesome, btw! definitely try hole in the wall restaurants too! I lived in Boston for a few years, that's how I know! Also, June can be very humid so beware!
  • Vanessasaurus
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    Vanessasaurus ·
    The Cheers Bar, the swan boats at the Boston Common, Italian dinner in the North End (we loved Panza), walk the freedom trail (stop at the places that interest you), the Boston Library, the bars in the Back Bay area. Hope this helps! We did a weekend getaway there last summer and had a great time!
  • Heather
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    Heather ·

    Definitely take a few days to go down the cape! Chatham is like the quintessential little cape cod town, and I would also recommend a day trip over to Martha's Vineyard!

  • Melanie
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    Melanie ·
    I was just there and we stayed at The Liberty Hotel, which is an old jail. It’s super cool, and every evening it had a great vibe at the lounges and restaurants in the lobby. Great people watching, and a great location. I highly recommend it if you want a more lively place to stay.

    For a day trip, you could go to Cape Cod or Newport. I’m partial to Newport- grab lunch on the wharf at The Black Pearl or 22 Bowens. Walk around the shops. Tour one of the mansions if your FH is into that and will cooperate You could also charted a boat for a sunset cruise- there is this great boat called Temma but called The Antique Yacht on Instagram. The America’s Cup Charters are also good. You could drive out to Castle Hill and sit in the Adirondack chairs and have a drink or grab lunch.

    Bristol, RI is also a super cute little New England town you can visit.

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