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being a TOTAL Bridezilla I need a wedding wire smack

Lora, on March 24, 2014 at 12:15 PM Posted in Married Life 0 29
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So there are 11 days until we get married! weehoo!

My sister found out on Wednesday that she is pregnant with her second little bundle (I'm so excited! My nephew is such a ball of love and I'm so excited to be an auntie to two little ones!)

She's REALLY early in finding out, her missed period wasn't even due until saturday!

So sunday she decided to announce that she's pregnant. To everyone...

I'm just feeling really hurt that she couldn't wait until she wasn't more than a week pregnant to tell everyone, you know like until after my wedding?

I know I get one day but I also know my one day will now be about my sister and her new baby and congratulating and talking about her. Even FH's family are super excited for her and FMIL is looking for a baby gift to bring to her.

I guess I'm just really hurt that I wasn't even a thought to anyone... it wasn't a question that maybe she wait until after the wedding and just keep her news to herself.

I'm in a funk!


  • Lora
    Super April 2014
    Lora ·

    A little back story to make me feel better: 4 years ago at her wedding my abusive boyfriend of the time decided it was a great idea to propose, I talked to her about it and waited 6 WEEKS! after her wedding to announce that we were engaged.

  • Kristin
    Super April 2014
    Kristin ·

    Aw, I'm sorry, Lora! I think regardless of her pregnancy status it will still be about you on your big day! Sure people may say something to her but don't worry you'll still be center stage.

    Other than that, not much you can do about it. Yes, it probably would have been nice if she waited, but as many others on here have mentioned, sometimes people just get upset that they aren't the center of attention.

  • MnDex
    VIP October 2014
    MnDex ·

    Did everyone make a big deal out of you when you announced your engagement?

  • Out the Window
    Master May 2014
    Out the Window ·

    Seriously - your day WILL be about you. They will see YOU in a white dress and they will be doting on YOU. The day is going to be such a whirlwind you won't notice anything else except how much people adore you and your hubby. I had my shower this past weekend and I know there were conversations going on about other things besides me. But I was so busy with everything else from chatting and saying hello, opening presents, the events the bridesmaids had for me, and just being in the moment I didn't notice anything else. And there WERE tiny issues, but I didn't even realize nor care about it until the next day.

  • rusticbride
    Master May 2014
    rusticbride ·

    Yeah, I can see why you feel that way with your wedding being so close. I also feel like it's always better to give the pregnancy enough time to become concrete before announcing just in case something happens. I'm not saying something will happen to your sister's new bundle... but I know most people wait to announce until they know for sure everything's good to go.

    At this point, there's really not much you can do. What's done is done. I don't know if it would make you feel better to just express your feelings to your sister as she probably she just didn't think that all the way through. I highly doubt she meant it to be malicious or anything like that.

  • SupermanBride
    Master October 2014
    SupermanBride ·

    At least she told everyone now.

    She could have announced it at your rehearsal dinner, or worse your reception.

  • Shannon S.
    Master March 2011
    Shannon S. ·

    I can understand why she told people. It's hard to keep exciting news to yourself. When you got engaged, did you call everyone you know, or did you keep it quiet?

    I'm not going to slap you - my view is that you can't help how you feel, but you can help what you do about it. It's human to feel like she's stealing your thunder. But what you do next matters a whole lot more than how you feel.

    If I were in your shoes, I would try thinking of this as a good thing. Otherwise, the family would probably notice a lot of little things - that she's not drinking, that she blanches at the smell of meat, etc, and the rampant speculating would take over the day. This way, the cat's out of the bag.

    Also, wasn't there an episode of Friends where Rachel realized she was pregnant...at Monica's wedding? So I guess things could be worse.

  • Emmerdoodle
    Expert April 2014
    Emmerdoodle ·

    Sorry to hear that - she might grab some attention, true, but you'll still be the star in the white dress! It'll still be your day!

    btw, DATE TWIN!! So exciting!!

  • Nancy Taussig
    November 2019
    Nancy Taussig ·

    If people noticed her not drinking at your reception, they would have asked why and found out then.

    But, I think it was too early for her to announce anything to anyone except her hubby.

  • J
    VIP August 2014
    J ·

    That's really early to tell anyone. Especially a large group of people! Why did she announce it that early and with your wedding right around the corner?? I know she's excited but you usually wait till 12 weeks to tell ppl like that. Hmm sounds like a weird situation. I'm sorry she made you feel that way.

  • Lora
    Super April 2014
    Lora ·

    Thanks ladies! Sometimes you just need to hear that you're being a brat.

    MnDex - actually no! Not sure which you're asking about, but the first one everyone but me knew it was an awful idea lol and this one we announced after we'd been wedding planning so most people knew so they weren't that excited lol.

  • ArborDay
    VIP April 2014
    ArborDay ·

    Don't you worry your pretty little head. She could have waited, she should have waited, but she didn't. Your wedding will be fabulous and everyone will be thinking and talking about you. Don't let her rain on your parade.

  • CeCe
    Master May 2014
    CeCe ·

    I'd just be worried for her because of how early she announced. I know several people that have miscarried within the first trimester - it's a scary time.

    She isn't going to steal anything from you, so relax. It's going to be just fine.

  • Gamecock Mrs.
    Master October 2014
    Gamecock Mrs. ·

    WhyTF would you announce your pregnancy one day after your missed period?!?!

    Anyway, I think you have the right to be cranky about it. But others are right. It could have been announced AT the reception. It will all work out! Your wedding will be fabulous!

    Thanks for the reminder that I'm walking a 10k in 11 days. Eeek! That's scary!

  • D&J
    Expert October 2014
    D&J ·

    You're wedding day is still going to be all about you. Pregnancy news is very exciting and maybe she was too excited to wait to tell everyone. Everyone approaches it differently, and if you and her are close, I'm sure there wasn't an intention to steal your thunder.

  • TisFinallyHappy
    VIP September 2015
    TisFinallyHappy ·

    Lora, Its ok ... we all have our moments. At least you know you were having one and came here it vent instead of making a big deal out of it. it will all work out and your day will be amazing!!

  • MnDex
    VIP October 2014
    MnDex ·

    Sorry that you didn't get the thunder that was due you :-( But like RusticBride said, she probably didn't think it through and didn't realize that it was going to be hurtful to you for her to do so...I'm sure it wasn't done maliciously...chin up ;-)

  • Lora
    Super April 2014
    Lora ·

    Emmerdoodle - SO EXCITING!!! I cannot wait! I want to just get into bed and sleep so that time goes by faster lol!

    Jacque - Very early to tell people! I suggested she wait and she asked how long and I said "I would wait to be at least more than a week pregnant" and she replied "yea I'm not waiting that long"

    my sister is a little self centred and nothing ever really goes wrong for her... so she doesn't see the harm in posting now because nothing will happen in her eyes. She asked why I would wait and I just said "most people are usually waiting for the other shoe to drop"

    My sister is just VERY sure of everything.

  • Future Mrs. H
    Expert September 2015
    Future Mrs. H ·

    I would actually think she told everyone now not to steal your thunder and not because she wasn't thinking (but I could be wrong) but so if she was feeling sick at the wedding or reception and not drinking and family asked her what was wrong and it inevitably came out she was pregnant at the wedding she would be stealing your thunder (although not intentionally). She may have also thought this way it would die down a little before the wedding. She probably wasn't expecting that people would buy her gifts this early for the baby.

  • Future Mrs. H
    Expert September 2015
    Future Mrs. H ·

    Sorry Lora I posted before you did the little update.

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