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BAM!! (Pro Pics!!!!! and Advice) Updated with more!!

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Well let's see how far I can get on this tonight picture-wise. There's so many to share!! Advice for planning and for the day of (more pg 1&4):

1) Get a wedding planner or DOC!! I had a full-time wedding planner since I was getting married in a town that I didn't know much about other than it had better looking venues than my home town. She was a life saver and I was never stressed when it came to finding vendors or coordinating with the vendors closer to the big day. She made sure everything she could control ran smoothly on the day of (too bad she couldn't control my anxiety issues, too!) and during the reception she made sure my H and I had everything we needed at any given time and kept us on schedule for the rest of the night. Then after everything was said and done, she and her assistant packed up all of our things and gifts and made sure they were placed in our room. She was AMAZING!

All photos by Bend the Light Photography

1) The dress

2) Thai dress

3) H getting ready


  • MelissaC
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    2) Plan, plan, plan. Make sure you have a good timeline set and make sure to give it out to everyone involved with the wedding, detailed if possible (BM, GM, mothers of FG and RB, parents, and anyone else). Vendors, of course, will also get a timeline and if you have a coordinator, they will make this so much easier by working with you to create a solid timeline and make sure all of your vendors have it. I made a timeline from start to finish with my coordinator and then made a separate one for my BP that had places they needed to be in the hotel and when, including how to get there from the front door of the hotel in case they were not staying there. It may seem silly, but all of my GM, RB, and FGs were on time, as well as my H. The only thing holding us back were my girls, but we planned for there to be issues so everything ran on time.

    1) Makeup getting done

    2) Planner pinning on my H's boutonniere

    3) Main shoes with Disney "I Do" stickers on the bottom

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    Thank you so much for advice! I definitely agree on the DOC; I have a planner, even for a small wedding and I can already tell that having her is one of the best decisions I have made during the planning process. Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking - I love those candid shots.

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    AHHHH! More more more!!! I love it!

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    3) Although you will plan your heart out for your wedding day, as everyone says, on the day of let everything go. Things are going to happen because people have free will and they will choose to use it at the worst times, but just focus on the fact that you're getting married to the love of your life. I know it's hard. I struggled with it because everyone surrounding me that morning was making my day worse, and all I wanted was to see my H. I did, however, tell anyone with problems to not bother me with them, and I suggest finding a nice way to do it because people WILL try to bug you with their problems. I found out the weekend after that a distant relative was trying to invite themselves to the wedding all morning and now won't speak to my mother, luckily my mother kept it to herself, but that is why she was running late. Some people, smh.

    1) Jewelry

    2) Thai belt

    3) Putting on my veil

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    4) Get plenty of sleep! It will be hard. Hell, I didn't and I struggled all day. If you don't, you'll run on adrenaline all day, so you'll still be okay but it will definitely be better if you get a good night's sleep. I wish I had been able to. On that note, if you ARE prone to anxiety, don't change your sleep routine for tradition. I have slept in the same bed as my H for a few years now and I was going to sleep alone on the night before. However, the night of the rehearsal came and we realized it would probably be better if my H was there in case I had an anxiety attack so he stayed with me instead (and I did). Luckily he was only going to stay with a GM so he didn't have to pay for an extra room.

    1) First sight of the whole look

    2) Sister/MOH's first sight of me (seriously because she was gone most of the morning and just walked back in)

    3) About to have first look

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    Congrats!!! You look gorgeous!

  • MelissaC
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    5) Make sure to eat! You might be too excited to eat or too nervous, but make sure you have something to snack on that has protein to keep you going. The day will take A LOT out of you. One of my BM was super awesome and she got us all breakfast and lunch so I didn't have to worry about it, but had she not done that, I would have figured out food for the morning for everyone.

    Also drink water and stay hydrated. You will most likely be dancing your ass off later, and if you are not like me, you'll be drinking some so having food and water in your stomach will help. I also cried a lot so make sure your makeup is waterproof, and again STAY HYDRATED!!

    1, 2, and 3) First Look

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    You look so gorgeous!

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    So lovely!

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    6) If you are not completely against it, consider doing a first look. It helped me face the rest of the day knowing that I could be with my H beforehand. As soon as I saw him, I was filled with relief and happiness and I bawled my eyes out. It also allowed, or would have allowed had I not gotten sick, time to go to the cocktail hour after family pictures. Since I DID get sick, we were able to stay up in the room for a little bit, then go down and do family pictures after the ceremonies, and then go to the reception on time, so we still started everything on time! Plus it is so great getting to spend some time alone with your H before everything starts because after the ceremony people will be around you almost constantly.

    1, 2, and 3) More first look

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    Congrats! It looked like a beautiful day! Do you have pics of your other two dresses?

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    7) Lastly, as others have said, take some time to take in as much as you can. We stood on the balcony overlooking the dance floor and watched as everyone danced and partied below. Our planner even took us into the reception room before they allowed the guests in to see the room before it was filled. I memorized every little detail as much as I could. How it looked, how I felt, what I was most excited about, and even what I was disappointed about. I tried to make sure I checked all the little details I planned so that at least I noticed them if nobody else did, which I'm sure they didn't lol! Look around and take in the feeling that everyone is there to celebrate your love. It's pretty damn surreal.

    1) Last of us alone

    2) Our WHOLE BP

    3) The guys in the ending to the Street Fighter movie pose

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    8) Forgot more advice I had since I was so tired. I'll start here. As everyone has said before definitely pick your BP based on how you feel and DON'T make it about obligations because during the planning process everyone's true colors come out and that can either really help you or make things even more stressful than they already are. I took that shot in the dark with 4 of my girls. It worked out with 3. My sister was the biggest obligation fill and fail, but I figured she would be so I had my BFF as my other MOH. It's actually really funny to go through all the pictures because the only pics my sister looks genuinely happy in is when she's not near me. She even lectured me a week after the wedding that I needed to teach my friends to "know their place" all because one of my childhood friends tried to help her during the Thai water ceremony. Glad this is all over! As you can see below I got lucky and all 8 girls showed up with their dresses, one was unaltered, but with a few safety pins you could never tell. However, not everyone will be this lucky, and I'm still not 100% sure whether it was worth the stress it caused me or not. All of the GM were amazing all year because they were all my H's closest friends and family. He even had to make cuts and make some ushers when we started planning!

    1) Me and my girls

    2) Me and my MOHs

    3) Me and my FGs

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    Looks amazing! Congrats

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    9) Make a list of shots you want for your photographer. This is usually the norm, but if you have any shots other than the traditional shots, memorize them and then make sure you pay attention to what your photographer is photographing and ask questions to make sure they got it if you didn't see them do it. Obviously you'll have to trust that they are getting great decor shots, but if you have special BP shots or family shots, make sure you remember what they are, too. I wanted pictures of me with my MOHs and my H with his best men. My H also asked for that Street Fighter shot above. We were doing the girl pics while another photographer was doing the guy pics so I couldn't see the SF picture. I knew it was important so I asked about it after they said we were finished with BP pics and they had done it. So then I asked about the best men photo with my H and they had forgotten! Good thing I asked. Before they left for the night we made sure to get that photo in during the reception. So if you have something important that you want, make sure you are on top of that, too because after the wedding it's too late for a redo.

    1) About to walk in

    2) H sees me walk in (love our officiant in this picture)

    3) Dad giving me away

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    10) Weather. Plan for it! Depending on the season and where you're getting married, you can have all types of weather situations. I wanted a winter wedding and here in south Texas that means a chance of rain, maybe cold, or maybe hot. Always humid. So that meant an indoor wedding, which is fine because I'm an indoors kind of girl. Knowing what you could be facing will give you a chance to plan for anything except a natural disaster. It always rains on my birthday (4 days before the wedding) and this year it didn't, but that's because it rained ALL DAY on my wedding day. Cue Alanis Morissette's "Ironic". LOL! On the bright side we were inside, but on the downside everyone's hair fell by the time our BP pics were finished. Luckily we had time for touch ups. So if you are having an outdoor wedding during a time that's prone to rain storms, have a backup plan. Snow...I don't have much advice for you because it doesn't snow here haha! But you're probably used to snow so you know the best way to plan for that. Even too much heat needs a backup plan when you're trying to get married outside. Whatever the weather may be on the day of your wedding, don't let it stress you out! There's nothing you can do about weather except plan for it so do your best!

    1) Getting married!

    2) The kiss!

    3) Married!

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    Gorgeous! Thank you for the advice!

  • MelissaC
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    Thank you everyone!! With that I must go to sleep, but tomorrow evening I will post the last half of the day which consists of the Thai dress, Thai ceremony, and the reception! Sure wish I could get on WW at my new job. It would make this so much easier! Goodnight!

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    Gorgeous! I love your bouquet!

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