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BAM Non-Pro! Detailed review of our day!

Lulu, on November 21, 2017 at 6:50 PM Posted in Married Life 0 16
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Our wedding was on 11/10/17. It was almost perfection. Let me start from the day prior when I had a mini meltdown. My hair for my wedding didn't fit my head and I was balling crying. I had a custom wig made so I wouldn't have to use heat on my hair and it was too small. I went to my hotel the night of my wedding with my sister and the girl made a brand new unit that same night and delivered it the morning of my wedding. Thank God it fit and the day was seamless from then on. My make up artist and hairstylist showed up early which was great because they got to set up without rushing. My bridal party which included my sis and MOH and the MOB and MIL. We had to leave the hotel by 1 to get to the venue which was 5 minutes away by 1:30. We all got there early and waited for my bridal suite to be ready. The photographer and videographer were there early and all of our pics started on time. H showed up with his groomsmen on time. We got to eat in our respective suites. (Cont'd in comments)


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    Devoted November 2017
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    I took all of my getting ready pics and did my first look with H which was amazing. He looked so handsome. I truly recommend a first look as it worked out for us because if we did it would have been too dark with daylight savings time after the ceremony. It was freezing cold that day but we still took pictures outside lol. My bridal staff at the venue was so helpful bringing me my cloak in between shots. I also did a first look with my family which was sweet as well. The limos were set to arrive at 4 pm and at 3:50 they were outside waiting on us. We headed to the church and arrived 10 minutes early despite traffic. The ceremony was glorious, I had my best friend coordinated the ceremony and did the church decor. It looked amazing in there and the church was packed. Waiting to walk out was killing me, the nerves were building up and my dad was about to make me cry. Seeing H at the end of the aisle was the best thing ever . The ceremony went beautifully and was short and sweet. We did a pseudo receiving line as it was not our intention but ppl kept walking up to us. As we walked out of the church they threw rice on us which was a nice old school tradition and I'm sure the pics will be great. BTW both H and I did not have our phones on us which was great and helped us to be stress free but we had to rely on other ppls pictures. The drive back to the venue was smooth no traffic. Cocktail hour started at 6:30 and we pulled in at 6:28. We headed to the bridal suite and didn't join the cocktail hour which now we wish we did. H and I got to eat and took a lot more pictures. We got to see the ballroom which was so beautiful. After guests were seated we lined up to do our entrance and then our first dance. We danced to Lana Del Rey Young and Beautiful. H cried and I was happy lol he said he wouldn't. I only cried during my dad's speech (I'm a daddy's girl). The party took off after I danced with my dad and H danced with his mom. We wanted nonstop partying and that's what we got. The food was delicious the music was great and everyone had a ball. We served Haitian hot chocolate and bread as a to go gift since it was cold and everyone loved that too. H and I literally had the time of our lives. Ppl are still talking about it.

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    Devoted November 2017
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    Our centerpieces

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    2 variations

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    Our guest portrait

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    I'm loving this!! More!!! ETA: Which one of you is Haitian?

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    Better pic

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    Congrats!! sounds like you had a great day!

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    H and I about to walk out

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    Oh the back of that dress is gorgeous!

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    I love the low-cut back!

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    Your dress looks just like mine! Can't tell if its the same dress. ahaha Congrats on being married!

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    Wow, stunning.

    I LOVE Lana Del Rey's Young and Beautiful and wanted to dance to that SO BADLY. I compromised and we are doing the ceremony to a beautiful piano version.


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    Beautiful! Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs!

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