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Australia/New Zealand or some place closer to home?

Tammy, on February 10, 2015 at 2:21 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 9
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FH and myself are in a dilemma about HM destinations. First let me state that our HM budget is not what we originally planed as we have gone over on our wedding budget and are having to rob Peter to pay Paul. (Hundreds of dresses later I finally found the dress of my dreams, but it was 675.00 over, not including alts, what we had budgeted for a dress). FH would like to go to Australia or New Zealand.

So my question is has anyone on here been to Australia or New Zealand? And what would you suggest? (I know terrain and climate can very greatly depending on where you go in the country).

We'd prefer to stay some place is not so touristy. We are outdoorsy but I'm not a beach person. We are both Foodies, I love architecture, animal life and FH is a history buff.


  • Tammy
    Expert September 2015
    Tammy ·

    Forgot to add we are looking at a about a week stay and the budget is under $5,000.

  • Maltese
    Master June 2015
    Maltese ·

    Why on Earth would you plan a honeymoon like that when you have "robbed Peter to pay Paul." Obviously you can't afford the wedding you are having so I'm wondering where this money to pay for this honeymoon would magically appear from?

  • Celia Milton
    August 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    I agree with Maltese. Why don't you put it off until the next year; then you have two things to look forward to, and you're not going to kill your budget.

  • Lori
    Master June 2015
    Lori ·

    I studied abroad in Australia and vacationed in NZ. Both are AMAZING places, but I gotta tell you that $5,000 likely won't cover you. Like JSARGE said, a good chunk of your budget is going to get eaten up with flight costs. And I also second that a week won't really be enough, especially if you factor in travel time. That flight is no joke.

    The South Island in NZ is one of the most beautiful places in the world. But I don't know if a week would be enough to explore it. I was there for 4 days (not counting travel time) and it was meant to be a quick stopover on my way home anyway, but I could have stayed there months.

  • Mrs.bubs525
    Expert July 2015
    Mrs.bubs525 ·

    I would definitely suggest something closer to home. Make Australia or NZ a future anniversary trip!

  • Mrs.Temme
    VIP September 2014
    Mrs.Temme ·

    I live in LA and we went to Portugal for our honeymoon. I was very glad to be out of the country because it forced our cell phones and data plans to be off, but the travel time was really exhausting and i was super annoyed by the time we got there after 24 hours. it may be cliche but to maximize honeymoon relaxation I think the Caribbean is a really good honeymoon destination

  • Tammy
    Expert September 2015
    Tammy ·

    Maltese, we had $6,000.00 saved for the HM. The only thing I have gone over budget on for this wedding is my dress. Everything else for the wedding except for the alts on my dress and the cake, which we have a quote for and is within budget, is bought and paid for already. Maybe I was a little extreme when I said we were robbing Peter to pay Paul. So please don't make blanket statements that we can't afford the wedding we are having.

    Also to make myself more clear we would be looking at spending at week there, not including travel. We figured 4 days of flight/travel time in addition to spending a week there.

    FH and myself have never been to either of these countries and were looking for input on what region of these countries would possibly better suit us, what a reasonable cost expectancy would be to go there, along with what would be an appropriate amount of time to spend there. 1 week, 2 weeks....

    I personally agree with Mrs.bubs525 and feel we should save this trip for a later time, only because I feel there are so many places right here that would be great to go to that we have never seen, but that is another topic.

  • Tru Lowes
    Expert April 2015
    Tru Lowes ·

    Hi Tammy, I live in Australia and I'd be happy to help you out with any other questions you might have

    You would probably need 2 weeks to get a rough experience, it really depends. If you want to avoid touristy, I'd say avoid Sydney - the Opera House is cool, as is the Harbour Bridge etc, but it gets pretty mental (I should know, I live there ) having said that though - it is a lovely city. It's very busy though, so if you're going for a more laid back honeymoon (whether it's now or later) maybe look at Perth, and the west coast - wineries etc, but it is quite beachy. Melbourne is lovely, but is fast becoming quite touristy, but if you and your FH are Foodies, Sydney and Melbourne would be your Go To's. Oh and coffee. We have amazing coffee (I know I'm bragging, but we do).

    The south coast of NSW is breathtaking, very green and lush. Lots of lovely rural towns to explore, and I highly recommend a visit there. North Coast is lovely too, but much more beachy.

    I've heard Tasmania is amazing, although I've actually never been. I believe it's quite cold!

    Anyway, feel free to message me if you have any other questions

  • Tammy
    Expert September 2015
    Tammy ·

    Thank you for the input Tru Lowes.

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