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August Brides.....OVERWHELMED!

TheNewMrsJ, on July 23, 2013 at 12:03 AM Posted in Planning 0 11
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Ok...haven't been on here talking much lately...have just over 30 days before my wedding and definitely feeling the pressure! All August Brides out there...Hope you are doing better then me!


  • P
    Beginner August 2013
    Private User ·

    Im 12 days away and super stressing. I'm ready for this to be over for sure. Hope everything works out for you!!!

  • Stacy
    Expert August 2013
    Stacy ·

    I have 19 days and I'm trying not to freak out. Being organized has helped but I have so much left to do.

  • Dawn
    Super August 2013
    Dawn ·

    11 days and things are coming together nicely. ..not overwhelmed. ..looking forward to wedding day..

    All the planning is really paying off now.

  • Amanda
    Master August 2013
    Amanda ·

    I'm pretty calm and ready for it to be here at this point. Get me to the HONEYMOON!

  • Shellie
    Dedicated August 2013
    Shellie ·

    Wah!! Starting to feel the pressure a little now.... I have 39 days left and lots of small, but time consuming things to do and really only have 3 available weekends left!!!

    Sooooo ready for honeymoon now! X

  • P
    Savvy August 2013
    Private User ·

    11 days left and I'm wishing we would have ran off and eloped! This wedding planning is stressful! I'm just ready to be married!

  • Maggie
    Dedicated August 2013
    Maggie ·

    Thankfully, I'm not stressed at all... just very excited! I just need to print the programs, finish up some decorations, get a few last-minute things for the food, pack all my things up, and that's about it! Everything has gone pretty smoothly. I'm looking forward to the wedding day

  • Sarah
    Super August 2013
    Sarah ·

    I have 19 days- I'm stressing about money- we had to buy a new car quick when mine started to die. My fh insisted that we buy the most expensive one we were looking at- bc it does better in the snow- I still need to do the dreaded seating chart, hunt down the slackers that never replied to the RSVP, make a day of schedule, make instructions on the guest book, and make up a list of pictures that I want to make sure we get

  • Mrs. Butler
    VIP August 2013
    Mrs. Butler ·

    I am getting nervous and excited. I have to make a day of schedule and do the seating chart display which I have no clue how I am going to do it.

  • Chelsie
    Just Said Yes August 2013
    Chelsie ·

    17 more days! I am so excited but nervous because we are doing a lot of DIY decorating as well as ordering from several different vendors. I am worried about it all coming together at the same place and same time but I know it is in God's hands now! Cannot wait to marry my best friend and begin our lives together!!!!!!!

  • Shannon
    Master August 2013
    Shannon ·

    I'm stressing out a little but I'm really excited. 32 days to go. FH keeps saying all the important stuff is in place and that we'll be married by the end of it no matter what but I've put so much work into it don't want to slack on the last couple details now.

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