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Atlanta small wedding in a public park

Brookleigh, on November 1, 2013 at 9:15 AM Posted in Planning 0 2
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I'm just north of Atlanta and looking for a wedding location. What I want is a gazebo ceremony and small reception in the same area (ability to decorate and set up a few tables and cake).. I'm in Kennesaw, ga just north of Atlanta, but anywhere in between here and Atlanta would be fine! If anyone has any sugguestions, please let me know! Also, the budget is not a lot, so a location that's in a public park would be ideal.


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    Well Im north of Atlanta as well, Gwinnett to be exact, if you dont mind traveling to this side. I have quite a few nice public historic parks in mind with gazebos : )..

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    City of marietta has one in the square, Also Acworth beach has a very nice one on the lake, not sure if you can bring tables to either. But going to their web site should tell you.

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