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Anyone do their own centerpieces? Pictures? Advice?

tmb, on February 26, 2009 at 6:05 PM Posted in Planning

I would like to do my own centerpieces. I want to use roses and do it very simple, some tables with short and some tables with tall. How hard is it? Has anyone had luck doing it themselves? I would love picutes, tips, or advice




  • Barbara Outerino
    May 2019
    Barbara Outerino ·

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You can create some fabulous centerpieces yourself. Visit my page and the first picture under my portfolio is a great centerpiece to use for the low ones. Remember adding embellishments to your centerpieces like ribbons or rhinestones are always going to make them look even more spectacular. If you need any help planning your wedding please visit our web-site at www.creativeeventsbyb.com we have great offers under the "Special Offers" tab right now that you may want to take advantage of.

  • P
    Devoted June 2009
    Private User ·

    I am making my own.

    I bought silver vases at the dollar store and nice fake flowers at old time pottery. 50$ worth of flowers and that will be enough for the vases and bouquets. Anyways, I am arranging them and putting them in the vases, I hot glued a paper ribbon around the vase to give it extra flare. Its the same paper that I used on my invites.

    I am also using pillar candles. I originally got them used for my best friends wedding. This will be their third wedding =) Anyways, I taped paper, tied two ribbons, and stuck a flower on the side. They look great!

    I havn't taken pictures yet, but e-mail me and I will send you pics


  • andrea carusetta-blaut
    May 2019
    andrea carusetta-blaut ·

    Here's an idea you might want to consider. Instead of doing floral centerpieces on your tables you can do 2 tiered cakes on pretty stands in the center of the table with red sugar roses on them. The benefits - your guests can have fun cutting the cakes themselves (and you can get the resort to waive the cake cutting fee) and you dont have to separately buy a wedding cake and still pay for centerpieces! Many bakeries will have the stands you can rent as well. It's economical and it's a fabulous look!

  • Kristina Valdmaa
    May 2019
    Kristina Valdmaa ·

    Take a rose and open it up manually, petal by petal (turn all the petals facing down). Use large head roses. You can even float them along with floating candles in water in a low glass container. Or just use any container that you like with all open roses. You will save a lot of money, as they become really large and you do not need to use that many.

    Let me know if you would like to see pictures!

  • going2thechapel
    Dedicated April 2009
    going2thechapel ·

    We are going a little unique and out on the limb. I don't have pictures because the event hasn't happenned yet. But we are using goldfish for our centerpieces. It is so affordable. We got nice looking bowls, with marbles at the bottom using the color of my wedding. The bowl will sit on a mirrored base and add the goldfish!

    It may be a little wierd, but we are going for it.

  • after8years
    Expert October 2009
    after8years ·

    Pat Catans has those really tall glass vases that are like 21/2 feet tall. They arent to expensive. But anywho, I'm doing mine with London Style street lanterns and fall leaves going up the post, and adding mini pumpkins and gourds, acorns with tealights around the whole thing. The lanterns hold a candle also.

    I looked all over internet for centerpiece ideas the only advice I can give is when you decide to do your own watch with the total of everything you need cause you dont relize how quick the cost goes up, in the end you could end up with a price tag higher than if you had a florist do them. What ever you pick Im sure it will look great. Good Luck

  • ericaand waynedavis
    Savvy September 2009
    ericaand waynedavis ·

    I did my own center pieces. I got tall Eiffel tower vases from party packagers, they are about 17inches high. And I went to Michaels I bough these big beautiful purple hydrangeas , big white hydrangeas, some other purple flowers in light and dark purple, and some small white filler flowers. Then I went to a pet store and I bought nice purple gravel to put in the bottom of the vase. The centerpieces are very tall with a big bunch of flowers and they look very elegant. I’m putting glass tea lights around them about four on each table and instead of petals I’m going to sprinkle these purple diamonds on the table. The table cloth is a very nice off white with some gold accents.

  • Luke McJimpson
    May 2019
    Luke McJimpson ·

    When my wife and I got married I did my own. I made Islands, from Hawaii. because that was the place where we got married.

  • Jessica
    Expert November 2009
    Jessica ·

    We are using round vases to fill with both flowers and pillar candles. I didn't want to use the colored stones at the reception (for one, they are expensive, but second, I won't ever use them again)...so instead we are using black beans, white beans, and split peas to fill the vases. My colors are black, white, and lime green and those are very inexpensive fillers that can be bought in bulk.

    Hope this helps!

  • rmb3smom
    Beginner April 2010
    rmb3smom ·

    I am also creating my own centerpieces. I prefer the short centerpieces for table conversation purposes. I want everyone at the table to be able to see each other when they are having a conversation about how beautiful my wedding is! I am going to have square mirrors with bowls on top that have clear glass stones in the bottom and peach, pink, and sage floating candles in them. Instead of having table numbers, I found stickers that say things like faith, love, beauty, etc, from Jean M, that I am going to place on each bowl and each place card.There are 20 different words. Each word has 2 large, and 10 small stickers. The other thing that I plan on doing with my centerpieces is to give them away. I have no use for 19 centerpieces!! I plan to randomly draw one place card from each table, place a sticker on the inside of the card, and they get to take the centerpiece home with them.

  • limiss73
    May 2019
    limiss73 ·

    www.perfectpartybycody.com/dianasweddings www.mylatasia.com/4187 and http://www.theweddingshoppe.ca/?Click=1125 are some sites you could check out for colors and items for your wedding congrads and good luck

  • limiss73
    May 2019
    limiss73 ·

    www.perfectpartybycody.com/dianasweddings www.mylatasia.com/4187 and http://www.theweddingshoppe.ca/?Click=1125 are some sites you could check out for colors and items for your wedding congrads and good luck

  • I
    Just Said Yes August 2009
    isabelle ·

    I am doing my own centerpieces.. since i love plants. i decided to take my spider plant(babies) and plant them, and with my other plant(falling plant), i planted some stems around the spider plant.. they are growing since november 08. i will be putting the 6 inch pot in a wicker basket, put a string led light in the basket all around the pot, so it will be doing a ambiante light .. i will also put petals on the table for the look

  • E
    Just Said Yes December 2009
    Erica ·

    Try Ostrich feather centerpieces one of the hottest trends in weddings and special events today; and better yet, they are very easy to assemble! Also check Eiffel Tower Vases & Peacock Feathers from Event Wholesale.

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