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Any Playa Del Carmen Honeymooners? Mexico, here we come!

Hollyberry, on December 2, 2015 at 9:23 AM Posted in Honeymoon 0 6
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We booked our honeymoon for the Royal in Playa Del Carmen, I am so excited!

Anyone ever been or will be going?

It is near other popular honeymoon spots, but so far I haven't heard anyone who went there specifically in my personal life.

I can't wait!!


  • Samantha
    VIP August 2015
    Samantha ·

    We technically went to Riviera Maya but there basically the same place in my opinion. We where maybe 5 minutes south of Playa Del Carmen. We absolutely loved it!! I encourage you to take advantage of any excursion your resort offers they are totally worth it. It is nice to take a day or two to explore and get out of the resort. We went to Xcaret and it was awesome... the underground rivers where gorgeous. We also swam with dolphins here and it was definitely one of the high lights of the trip. Also if your interested in zip lining, ATV's or other things like that go to Xplor its an incredible place!!

  • Pancakes
    Master October 2015
    Pancakes ·

    We went to Playa del Carmen in 2013. Do you need a transport service from the airport to the hotel? I recommend USA Transfers. We did private, but they can pick up other groups for cheaper costs to you. Private transfer was really cheap and the people were on time and very nice. We also enjoyed going to Xplor park. It was pretty reasonable, once you calculated in that you weren't paying for any food/drink in the park: it was all included! But they had zip lining (at the end you zip line through a small waterfall!), paddle boat things which weren't super fun but okay, 4-wheeling which was fun, and cave swimming which was relaxing and cool. I just had one of those plastic covers for my regular camera, so ignore the poor quality pictures! Someone here recently mentioned that the cave swimming at Xcaret park was only up to their waist or so. At Xplor, you wear a life vest so you float because it is probably 7-9 feet deep. We were staying at a cheap all inclusive, so maybe that's why I thought the food was really good. Lol. I was tired of the same exact food over and over at the resort.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about those things!

  • Pancakes
    Master October 2015
    Pancakes ·

    Also note that if you get transportation from the airport to your hotel, after baggage claim go straight outside past people claiming they are rides. Apparently they are scammers (from what I read online). You go find the person that your company described and they will take you to the van to leave. Most places have a "runner" to take people to the drivers. So that's not strange. USA Transfers was really easy to find. They told me what they would be wearing and what sign they would hold. And I paid online so all I had to do was tip them that day.

    Also, while driving to your resort, you will pass security posts. There are officers with fully automatic, large weapons. This is also normal. So don't freak out. And people drive a little nutty out there.

    Lastly - Our friends who went with us did a boat excursion to see whales. They paid over US$200 and didn't see any whales and also most of them were throwing up the entire time from being seasick. So you might want to avoid the whale ones

  • MrsLaurenET
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    MrsLaurenET ·

    We went to the Royal a couple years ago! It was very nice. Here are some thoughts:

    -Try and get a room away from the pool, it can get very loud (unless you like that).

    -Our fave restaurant was the one right on the beach, I can't remember the name but it was really good and had a nice view!

    -Not sure who you booked through, but we booked through Liberty Travel. They included this thing called My Time or something like that which were basically room credits. If you have these, make sure you know exactly what they were good for. We booked parasailing through the excursions desk and were told we could use the credit for that.. not the case. Upon checkout we were asked to pay.

    Any other specific questions let me know!

  • MrsPadilla2B
    Expert March 2017
    MrsPadilla2B ·

    We want to go! We are seriously thinking of PDC as our top choice. The only thing is that our wedding is in March when it's spring break season, so I'm worried about that but at the same time I heard it's nowhere near as bad as in Cancun

  • Hollyberry
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    Hollyberry ·

    @MrsPdilla2B I am worried about hurricane season, so I feel your worry in a different way! haha, but we want to get away, so are taking that chance. @LaurenET I am sure I will have more questions!!! I knew I would find someone who has been there haha.

    As for the transportation, we are going through Liberty Travel (my brother used to work there so hooked us up with his coworker who is awesome) and she has it so we have a private transfer. So, I am thinking that's best?

    We definitely want to do excursions, I want to go ziplining SO badly. I am a little bit of an adrenaline junkie who has not done many adrenaline junkie types of things (just haven't planned enough!!) so we want to do some fun stuff, but also wanted the option to do nothing. Pretty much why we decided this destination. Plenty to do, but also with the adult only all inclusive part to do nothing. Ah so excited!!!

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