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Africa Honeymoon

Mrs. Brendan, on August 15, 2017 at 9:59 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 11
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Who else has gone to Africa for their honeymoon? We are spending 1 week in South Africa doing a game drive but are unsure what to do for another week or week and a half. Any suggestions or must visit places?!


  • Leila
    Super October 2017
    Leila ·

    Split it between two cities Cape Town and Johannesburg

  • Mrs. Brendan
    Super April 1994
    Mrs. Brendan ·

    @OliviaP Thanks!!! Will do!

  • J. Clo
    Master May 2018
    J. Clo ·

    That sounds amazing

  • CD
    Expert May 2018
    CD ·

    Definitely Capetown for a few days. There are some great wineries you can spend time at just outside of Capetown too. The coast is an easy drive and you can go shark diving or whale watching if you stay out that way. Canopy ziplining, elephant sanctuaries... Lots of stuff. Depends on what you're interested in. Guessing your drive is in Kruger park which is fantastic - you'll have a great time! Some camps are better than others but they all know how to spot the animals.

    We did Jo'burg on our first trip to SA but I thought Robben Island was much more impactful if you're going for the Mandela connection. We skipped it our second time around and went to Zimbabwe instead. Not sure if you are up for adding another country but would highly recommend Victoria Falls if you do. We did a helicopter tour of it which was amazing.

  • Deirdre
    Dedicated August 2017
    Deirdre ·

    Mauritius, an island off the south of Africa. It's gorgeous.

  • Mrs. Brendan
    Super April 1994
    Mrs. Brendan ·

    @CD we are definitely up for jumping into another country and were actually thinking about Victoria Falls. We can't decide if we want to do more of the inland or coastal stuff for our second week. Did you do it yourself or go with a tour group?

  • CD
    Expert May 2018
    CD ·

    Booked ourselves. It's pretty easy to get around and everything is in English so you don't need the tour group for that. We also liked the flexibility of going on our own. You can always do day tours here and there which is way better than a full week or two booking imo. We did a 14 day tour in China last year and it sorta sucked. We swore never again. Lots of those wrap you up in tourist traps and if you have horrible people in your group you are stuck with them the whole time!

    Highly recommend Stellenbosch, Paarl, and Franschhoek if you decide on the winelands. We hired a driver from Vineyard Ventures who took us around.

    The pic is from Mossel Bay which we did both trips we loved it so much. The second time I had a water proof disposable camera and caught this from inside the cage.

    We stayed at the Kingdom hotel in VF which was really nice and perfectly located. They have a tour office onsite for hikes, helicopter, the zip line, squirrel jump, etc. I kind of wanted to try those bicycle powered flying things but those are only available on the Zambia side.

  • soon2BmrsH
    Super September 2017
    soon2BmrsH ·

    Definitely search for the photos from the honeymoon in Africa posted the other day (as mentioned above!) it was almost enough to convince all of us to change our honeymoon plans!!! lol

  • Rahel613
    Dedicated September 2017
    Rahel613 ·

    We're going to Ethiopia (where I'm from) for the second part of our honeymoon. I went to South Africa a few years ago. I definitely recommend doing a safari. It's so beautiful and amazing. Capetown is awesome too.

  • Brooke
    Expert September 2017
    Brooke ·

    So cool! Enjoy!

  • Mrs. Brendan
    Super April 1994
    Mrs. Brendan ·

    Thank you @CD and everyone else for all the great advice!! XOXO

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