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Master April 2019

30 days out...what?!

Brittany, on March 20, 2019 at 2:31 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 6
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Where are all my April brides at? Please tell me I’m not the only one losing my mind! I cannot believe we are so close.

We started planning with over 400 days, and now, here we are.

Last night we started our seating chart Smiley smile we chose to do it the old fashioned way, and it actually wasn’t terrible once we got rolling. (Although I did somehow forget to seat a handful of people - oops! I’m glad I noticed now, and I will be rectifying that as soon as I get back from my bachelorette weekend in Disney World - we leave tomorrow!)

Still waiting on about 18 RSVPs, but they have til Friday so I’m keeping patient Smiley tongue we have about a 25% decline rate right now, which is a little above average, but what we expected. I have quite a bit of family from out of state that we knew wouldn’t come, but we needed to invite anyway.

The only thing that stinks is our venue has a 125 person minimum for our room for that day, and we’re at 83 confirmed right now. We know we won’t hit 125, but are really hoping to at least get to 100. Paying for a bunch of people that aren’t coming is really going to sting Smiley atonished

How are things going for everyone else?

30 days out...what?! 1


  • Megan
    Super May 2019
    Megan ·
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    Is it an actual numbers thing of a $ minimum with your venue? Can you upgrade the food/beverage package if it is a $ minimum you have to meet?

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  • Brittany
    Master April 2019
    Brittany ·
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    The number of people is the minimum, but that obviously directly translates to the minimum cost of the room (which is what the venue is after at the end of the day). We're paying for 125 whether or not 125 show. What you mention is something I'd have to discuss with my event coordinator at the venue. In fact, I might shoot her an email right now. Not meeting the 125 person minimum never crossed our minds to be honest, so it's not something we asked about prior. Although we invited quite a few out of town people that we knew would not come, we were also surprised by some of the declines we've gotten so far. We thought we had 125 in the bag, and now it's looking like maybe a little over 100 all said and done.

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  • Xiomi
    April 2019
    Xiomi ·
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    Hey April girls!!!!

    we did what Megan said, changed the guests minimum to a $ minimum. I know for sure the open bar will cover it LOL. Good luck and have fun!!
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  • Emilie
    Super April 2019
    Emilie ·
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    April 6th here! 16 more days 😳😳 everything's pretty much done. My 2 week vacation starts the Wednesday before the wedding and I'm pretty excited for that! There is only about 5 people who didnt RSVP even after I reached out to them 🤨 .. but we are ready... whatever happens at this point is what happens and I refuse to stress on any of it! Wish all my fellow April brides a wonderful day!!
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  • Future Mrs. Polar Bear
    Super April 2019
    Future Mrs. Polar Bear ·
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    I love your seating chart! It's so colorful. Sometimes old school is the way to go, plus I'm sure it was a lot of fun.

    Does your venue have a minimum on catering? If so, I'm sorry you'll be paying for guests not attending. If not, can you give final numbers closer to date (14 days prior)? Maybe that will help save you some $$.

    We are 23 days out and super excited! Just chilling now until the week before and than I'll be like AHHHH!! but it will be all good. Congratulations!

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  • T
    Savvy April 2019
    Tania ·
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    First, I wish everything goes as smooth as possible! Here is an idea; have you considered the food you might have to provide for some of the vendors? My venue is only charging half for them. Also instead of plates, you should ask for a tray of cheese and fruits, coffe and tea service or the champagne for the toast, any item to make up for the expense.

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