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26 days to go and need HELP

Lauralee, on December 14, 2009 at 12:04 PM Posted in Planning 0 14
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I still have not decided on favors for my wedding. I was wondering what everyone else is doing?


  • sweet_firefly
    Expert November 2009
    sweet_firefly ·

    I made Italian cookies called pizzelles for my favors. I got my bridesmaids and some family together and we baked them a month in advance and froze them. Then we pulled them out the week of and packaged them in cello bags.

  • yadayada
    Master October 2009
    yadayada ·

    We had little monogrammed boxes that we ordered from E-bay and filled them with chocolate. But honestly it is NOT necessary to have favors. If they are stressing you out just skip them. I can promise that your guests will not notice. I wanted to skip mine but my mom insisted, so we just did something simple.

  • Kathy  Riggs
    September 2019
    Kathy Riggs ·

    In lieu of favors why not donate to a favorite cause and handout info or have framed signage to educate the guests. As a venue that throws away tons of favors after an event I can testify that they are generally a waste of time and money.

  • rednhot
    Savvy October 2010
    rednhot ·

    I am getting rock candy swizzle sticks in my colors and bunching them together with some ribbon, done.

  • The Potters
    Master September 2009
    The Potters ·

    We had small picture frames that doubled as their name/place cards.

  • Starsteph84
    Super November 2010
    Starsteph84 ·

    My FH's mother died of cancer a few years back so instead of favors I am giving a donation to "Stand Up 2 Cancer" and giving the guests little pearl lung cancer ribbons. My FH doesn't know. It's a surprise!

  • Jennifer King
    September 2019
    Jennifer King ·

    Be creative! For my own personal wedding a picked up Yankee Candle Votive candles in the colors of my wedding and put them in pouches to hand out with my seating cards. If you have a theme go with your theme.

  • Konichiwa
    Master January 2010
    Konichiwa ·

    Something super easy is glass coasters. Most of them are pretty inexpensive. You can just wrap each with a little ribbon in your wedding colors and be done with it. At this stage of the game you don't want to take on favors that are too labor intensive. Here are some examples...

  • M
    VIP July 2010
    MNBride2010 ·

    @Startsteph, how meaningful that will be! Your FH will be sure to appreciate the surprise! Are you worried that he might get overly emotional or are you telling him at some point before the wedding?

    We're doing a donation but haven't for sure decided to where yet. About a month ago and less than a wk apart his cousin and my grandpa suffered from strokes. Both are in recovery now, so we are thinking about donating to the American Stroke Association.

  • EmilyandAnthonyHines
    Savvy April 2010
    EmilyandAnthonyHines ·

    It really depends on what your budget is. I am doing the little wedding bags and putting candy in my wedding colors in them.

  • JJ
    Master December 2009
    JJ ·

    Mint tin cans with labels that we stuck on ourselves

  • Donna Eleby
    September 2019
    Donna Eleby ·

    We burned CD's for our favors of our 10 most meaningful songs in our relationship including our first dance song. It went over well and atleast it isn't something that will get thrown out or pushed in a drawer somewhere.

  • P
    Beginner August 2010
    Pittgirl01 ·

    We are doing a photobooth.

    Edible favors are always a hit - chocolate, candy, cookies, etc. One wedding we went to had gourmet candy apples... those were fun. Another had a popcorn bar with different types of gourmet popcorn - chocolate, caramel, cheese, etc.

  • Marry Me Live
    September 2019
    Marry Me Live ·

    I second the edible favors. They are always a crowd pleaser.

    Have you thought about personalized hershey kisses? They are pretty affordable to buy and easy to make if you want to DIY.

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