I am an orchestra and elementary music teacher getting married in less than 100 days now! So excited!

November 24, 2019
Lantern Centerpieces
Caytlyn, Today at 5:37 PM

I know I’m 10000% overthinking this. We are doing lantern centerpieces with a few votive candles similar to the photo below. We bought real votives, but I’m really paranoid about using real pillar...

Future Mrs. Danger, 11 minutes ago 8
How long does it take to alter a dress?
Hailey, Today at 3:56 PM

My dress was supposed to be finished on Saturday August 17th, but the owner of the dress shop called me to tell me that their independently contracted seamstress was sick and we had to move the final...

Hailey, 11 minutes ago 10
Forgot to add dress code on my!
Madeline, Today at 2:23 PM

Hi everyone! So like the title says i forgot to add the dress code on my invitations, I already have them printed out and I have to send them no later than Friday! Any ideas, I was thinking about...

Caitlin, 10 minutes ago 16
Dress Hem Length
Andie , Today at 1:49 PM

So I’m having second thoughts about where the last pinned my dress for the hem last week. It was about an inch off of the ground, which I thought was good at the time, because I don’t plan to wear my...

Andie, 2 hours ago 5
Ceremony and Unity Music
Catherine, Today at 1:21 PM

I'm having such a hard time deciding on music for my wedding and unity ceremony. any suggestions?? please help!

Peggy, 5 hours ago 2
Wedding binder/physical planners?
Bella, Today at 1:26 PM

I seen lots of youtube videos for them. My grandmother told me to just write stuff down. I was going to diy and just buy a binder since school stuff is on sale rite now and print stuff off(i'm very...

Mrsbdeg, 4 hours ago 13
Bridal Pictures
Aubrie, Today at 7:35 AM

Just because I can't post or show these off anywhere before the wedding! Haha. Let me see your bridal pictures! I posted some of my favorites

Kirby, An hour ago 33
Denise, Yesterday at 8:34 PM

Anyone else doing recipes as favors? Here’s mine. We have 12 different recipes total. I figured that way everyone gets something different

Future Mrs. Danger, 7 hours ago 6
Fat arms and a strapless dress
Maggie, Yesterday at 7:36 PM

Already married ladies, and people getting married soon. How did you combat the self esteem issue of having chunky arms and a strapless dress? I have a veil that would probably cover the most...

Cristy, 6 hours ago 14
Reception Length
Nichole, Yesterday at 4:11 PM

My wedding is on a Sunday afternoon. Ceremony start time is 1pm. We are not doing a cocktail hour. Reception should begin about 1:30 & end about 5. Is 3.5 hours long enough for a reception? I...

Nichole, 19 hours ago 14
Songs to walk to
Josie, Yesterday at 3:45 PM

What songs did you and your bridal party walk to? I want to find something instrumental and light and pretty. Looking into songs from lord of the rings, studio ghibli, or Zelda game soundtracks? Any...

Morgan, Yesterday at 6:02 PM 8
fh Family rsvp no
Kellie, Yesterday at 12:12 PM

So my FH's family members (pretty all of the 6 couples who were invited to our wedding) RSVP'd "No." This means my FH will have his parents and siblings there. That is literally it. I feel so...

Kellie, Yesterday at 5:06 PM 8
Young and new Bride
Alyssa, Yesterday at 1:01 PM

Hello everyone! I am going to be a new Bride soon. I am very happy and very lucky. I'm also very young. I am having some difficulties because of my age and planning for the wedding is kind of hard. If...

Pirate & 60s Bride, Yesterday at 10:49 PM 14
Moving in
Joelle, on August 18, 2019 at 10:31 PM

Hey! So my fiancé plans on getting his first house in March or April when his lease is up and he wants me to move in with him then. He’s 28 and I’m only 23, so I’m a little nervous about moving out,...

Nemo, Yesterday at 3:56 PM 46
Sunday Wedding
Alexis, Yesterday at 3:42 AM

I have been lookin for ways to cut cost any way I can for my wedding. I want my wedding to be elegant and beautiful but not pay 20k for it. I have noticed that most venues are higher for dinner and I...

Pirate & 60s Bride, Yesterday at 10:23 PM 17
Group photo timing?
Peggy, on August 18, 2019 at 6:43 PM

Has anyone had a group photo taken of all the guests at the wedding? At what point during the night did/will you have that done?

earias, Yesterday at 2:16 AM 6 69
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