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    Cz · Married on 07/30/2011

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    Where should we start…let’s see, go somewhere else! The best thing about this venue is the location. It is absolutely amazing! We couldn’t find a better one for our Wedding Ceremony and Reception. However, the Event Staff is absolutely a mess. Perhaps once they get themselves in order this will be the premier location on the Central Coast for a wedding, but we recommend extreme caution if you’re considering this place. And reading old reviews from the last couple years, it seems like they have a track record of un-organization missed responsibilities despite having replaced staff again and again. Unfortunately, the same occurred during our involvement with them. The first meeting went well with the original Event Personal, Jennifer. She was pleasant and seemed to be very accommodative, offering to “throw in” this and that, later we determined it seemed to be merely to get us to sign on with them. The subsequent meetings seemed to bring out the true colors with Jennifer and her partner Mary. Jennifer no longer seemed to be so accommodating and instead the things she offered seemed to disappear unless we wanted to pay for them. Her partner Mary was extremely unorganized and over all very scattered. She scribbled notes on scratch paper and had to be reminded several times about details we had already gone over with great detail. They both dodged any type of assistance to us again and again, and would instead put responsibilities back on us that should have been theirs. They were unwilling to provide feedback regarding the coordination of our wedding even though the aspects included their location and arrangement. Then, about 2 ½ weeks before our wedding, they both quit, now imagine how that made us feel. And we didn’t find out by being notified by Ventana, or the managing company Compass Health. We found out after not receiving any response from our phone calls and emails. We had to stake out at Ventana and hound a restaurant manager in order to get any answers. At first we were told they were out due to personal and medical issues. After pressing a bit because the story sounded foul, they confessed that the two had quit because they were not happy. So perhaps their attitude was due to their dealings with management, either way they should not have transferred their discontent to us and we still found them to be horribly unorganized and unprofessional. We were assigned to another person, Ashly, who we really liked and assured us things would get back on track as she would be the one handling our event going forward. Then a few days later we could not get a hold of her and found out that she went on a vacation that had been scheduled for some time. She never told us that she had a vacation scheduled but instead assured us it would be her who would be running our event. Once again, the management never notified us about this, we had to find out through our own means. Then we were passed onto a couple new people who would ask the same questions again and again even though we provided very organized typed documents and spreadsheets with the various details and information that they needed, several times even. The 2 ½ weeks leading up to our wedding were very stressful because of all disruptions in personnel at Ventana/Compass Health. After working with some new people for a few days, we AGAIN were contacted by yet more different people who now were apparently handling our event and who were asking many of the same previously answered questions. We dealt with approximately 7 different people in the last 2 ½ weeks, and we say approximate because it was hard to keep track and 7 is all we could say for sure. We did not meet the two staff members that were actually present and in charge the day of our event until the rehearsal the day before. Even then one of them was inclined to again ask some very basic questions. Finally, being totally past fed up at this point, we snapped at them and they backed off. Luckily we hired Brittany’s Bridal Bliss early enough in the process that she was able to fully manage our event. If not for her the day would have gone extremely different in the wrong direction we’re sure of it. We had our Ceremony space allotted to us for 2 hours, no one was allowed to be on the grounds except our attendees and wedding party. However, minutes after the ceremony while we were in hiding so our guests could make their way to the reception, another wedding party from a completely different location swept in and started taking pictures at our site. The Ventana/Compass Health staff was nowhere to be found. We had to personally go down there with our Planner and ask them to move along since we needed the area for pictures. The Compass Health Manager did compensate us monetarily and waive the cost for the Ceremony Site as a way to apologize for our troubles so that did help. But we would not recommend this venue unless you can be sure that their Event Coordinators are locked in and have a great grasp on what needs to be done for such an important event. The wait staff seemed to be average. The bar tender was really good and on it, especially with our request to not allow shots. He upheld our specific requests and did not back down to persistent guests unless we approved. There was, however, a tip bucket placed on the bar counter and after the reception we got the bill and saw that 20% gratuity was already included so we were not happy at all about that. If we would have known that 20% gratuity was automatically included we would have had the tip bucket put away to save our guests from feeling inclined to paying additional tips. I’m sure it was in the contract and we missed it so be aware of that situation. Also, be cautious about the “complimentary” linens. We found some of them to be in tough shape, stains, marks, errors in the sewing, stuff like that. Lastly, the beef selection that we were given was NOT the same as what we had at our tasting. At our tasting there was an exquisite beef roast of some sort that you could cut through with your fork and melted in your mouth. We were served tri-tip. It was okay, but it was tri-tip and it wasn’t what we sampled. Their menu has since changed so I’m not sure what’s offered at this point. The moral of the story, make sure and GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING and really trust your gut as to if this is the right place for you. Ventana/Compass Health has a long way to go from how our event was handled so if the location means that much to you, hire Brittany’s Bridal Bliss to manage the event and tell the Ventana/Compass Health Event Staff to stand aside and just make sure they do what they’re supposed to do.

    Sent on 08/24/2011